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    15 Hanukkah Desserts That Will Make You Verklempt

    Consider these eight days Fryday.

    1. Mini Pumpkin Sufganiyot

    2. Cocoa Fritters

    3. Classic Sufganiyot

    4. Mexican Chocolate Latke with Cinnamon Whipped Cream

    5. Hanukkah Churros

    6. Hanukkah Bimuelo Fritters with Warm Chocolate Sauce

    7. Sufganiyot Cake

    8. Coconut Latkes with Cranberry Applesauce and Cardamom Mascarpone

    9. Cranberry Sufganiyot

    10. Apple Fritter Rings with Caramel Sauce

    11. Bakery Style Peanut Butter and Jelly Doughnuts

    12. Cherry Jam Filled Sour Cream Donuts

    13. Levivot with Sweet Syrup

    14. Mini Ricotta Donuts Stuffed with Nutella

    15. Pumpkin and Chocolate Stuffed Mini Donuts

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