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    17 Weird Pizza Crusts That Are Actually Brilliant

    You mad, dough?

    1. Cauliflower Pizza Crust

    Lindsay Henry / Via

    Have you heard the caul of the flower yet? Recipe here.

    2. Zucchini Pizza Crust

    Emily Anderson / Via

    Life hack: Get your greens and your pizza in AT THE SAME TIME. Recipe here.

    3. Spaghetti Squash Pizza Crust

    Chris / Via

    Those rumors that pizza is unhealthy? SQUASHED! Recipe here.

    4. Quinoa Pizza Crust

    Amanda Starr / Via

    Is there anything quinoa can't do? Recipe here.

    5. Pretzel Pizza Crust

    Tiffany Johnson / Via

    Putting chocolate-covered pretzels everywhere to shame. Recipe here.

    6. Tortilla Pizza Crust

    Shawn Syphus / Via

    Tortillas are more than just burrito huggers. Recipe here.

    7. Broccoli Pizza Crust

    Josephine Malene Kofod / Via

    Sneak your greens into this pizza and feel good about all your decisions. Recipe here.

    8. Biscuit Pizza Crust

    Paula / Via

    An easy way to have pizza on your plate in 20 minutes or less. Recipe here.

    9. Eggplant Pizza

    Miryam / Via

    Eggplants are delicious. Pizza is also delicious. This makes sense. Recipe here.

    10. Mini Pizza Bagels

    Georgia Johnson / Via

    Pizza for breakfast because bagels. Recipe here.

    11. Sweet Potato Pizza Crust

    Ashley Melillo / Via

    Giving new meaning to "sweet potato pie." Recipe here.

    12. Pita Pizza

    Audra Fullerton / Via

    Rip me off a pita that. Recipe here.

    13. Beet Pizza Crust

    Naomi Robinson / Via

    You just can't beet a pink crust. Recipe here.

    14. Portobello Mushroom Pizza

    Jessie Johnson / Via

    Get in my portobelly. Recipe here.

    15. Chickpea Pizza Crust

    Molly Yeh / Via

    Yes, chickplease. Recipe here.

    16. Meat Crust Pizza

    Ashley Manila / Via


    17. English Muffin Pizza

    J. Kenji Lopez-Alt / Via

    Move over, jam, there's another topping in town. Recipe here.