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    Urban Outfitters Is Offering 25% Off Your Entire Purchase, And Here Are 28 Things I Really, Really Want

    I forever want everything at UO (especially when it's all on sale).

    Hi friends! Urban Outfitters is already throwing us some ✨sweet✨ Black Friday dealios, and you can get 25% off your entire purchase right this second. That includes sale items, too, y'all!

    1. A pair of western ankle boots if ~cowboy chic~ is your fave aesthetic. They're super versatile, meaning they'll look cute as heck whether you wear 'em casually with jeans or dressed up with a cocktail dress.

    a person wearing ankle cowboy boots with corduroy pants

    2. An Instax photo album so you can finally organize all of your printed pics. It would also make a great gift for someone who is obsessed with their Instax Mini or Instax Link.

    3. An adorable book light that'll clip right onto your novel, so you'll be able to read late into the night without keeping your bright overheads on.

    a little frog book light clipped onto a book

    4. A funky neon bar sign that'll change your liquor shelf for the better. If shaking up cocktails is a favourite past time of yours, you'll love this fun decor piece.

    a neon sign that says bar

    5. A weekly pill case to help you keep track of your daily vitamins and tablets. You can take the divided container out of the pouch and use it separately, too.

    6. A square-neck body suit for anyone who likes the look of a tucked-in shirt, but hates the upkeep of making sure it actually stays tucked.

    7. A bottle opener that has no business being so cute. It would make a fab stocking stuffer for someone who loves to throw parties (or who generally loves a good cowboy-themed product).

    a cowboy shaped bottle opener

    8. A stunning tapestry you can put up on that blank wall you don't know what to do with. You could also use it as a throw or even a picnic blanket in a pinch.

    a woodsy tapestry on a wall

    9. A string of light-up clips that'll add a little more ~pizzazz~ to your home decor than plain ol' fairy lights. You can use them to display art prints, photos, notes — you name it.

    10. A cropped flannel button-down that'll hit just above your waist so you can avoid drowning in fabric. Reviewers love its relaxed ~lewk~ and say its high-low hem is super flattering.

    a person wearing the cropped flannel over a bralette

    11. A ring stand that'll lend you a hand (lol) when it comes to displaying your bands and baubles. It'll save you from digging through an overflowing jewellery box and help you keep your favourite pieces organized, too.

    a hand-shaped jewellery stand on a vanity

    12. A stylish skincare fridge that'll keep your serums fresh until the very last drop. You can also stash your rollers and gua sha stones in there and enjoy a cooling facial treatment when your face feels a lil' puffy.

    a patterned mini fridge filled with skincare on a counter

    13. An artsy shower curtain that'll make you feel just *peachy* every time you look at your tub. Reviewers say the vivid colours have transformed and brightened their bathrooms for the better.

    a peach-patterned shower curtain hanging over a tub

    14. A power bank that's shaped like a slice of pizza? Yes, please. You can stash it in your favourite bag in case you need a quick battery boost on the go.

    a pizza-shaped power bank plugged into a laptop

    15. A midi slip dress if you're looking for something simple 'n' spicy to wear on NYE. Reviewers say it's seriously soft and love that the slit is saucy, but not *too* high (no one wants the fear of accidental flashing, y'all).

    a person wearing a slinky midi dress with tights

    16. A metallic jewellery display that'll let you admire your prettiest necklaces, even when you aren't wearing them. The top tier has tiny holes in it, so you can show off your favourite studs and huggies, too.

    a metallic jewellery display on a vanity

    17. An LED vanity mirror that'll help you see what you’re doing when you’re applying your makeup. It even has a handy bottom tray you can keep your go-to glosses and liners on.

    a heart-shaped LED mirror on a messy counter

    18. A karaoke microphone that'll have y'all singing your hearts out at your next shindig. It comes with a built-in phone stand, so you can display the lyrics to whatever tune you choose to belt out.

    a person holding a microphone

    19. A set of wall decals that'll help you create the accent wall you've been dreaming of. They're a great option if you don't feel like painting, but want to liven up your space a little.

    floral decals on a bedroom wall

    20. A cropped tank top you can easily layer or wear on its own. Reviewers love that the material is ribbed and thick, which they say gives them a good amount of support on no-bra days.

    a person wearing a cropped tank with a cozy cardigan

    21. A bottle of bath bubbles if all you ever wanna do is bask in your tub. It's microbiome-friendly and pH-balanced, so it shouldn't irritate your more sensitive areas.

    a bottle of bath bubbles on a tiled surface

    22. A three-tiered shelf that'll become the most stylish piece on your gallery wall. It'll also give your beloved trinkets and sentimental thingamabobs a v cute spot to live.

    a three-tiered wall shelf with decorative items on each tier

    23. A mini pool table that'll have your party pals lining up to play a game. It won't take up much space, meaning there'll be plenty of room for other games and festivities, too.

    a mini pool table on a carpet

    24. A pair of eye masks packed with hyaluronic acid that'll pump some life back into your under-eye area. Reviewers recommend tossing them in the fridge for an enhanced cooling affect.

    a person wearing the under eye masks

    25. A serving platter that is so gorgeous, anyone you have over will wonder where you got it from. It's sure to complement your impressive charcuterie spread, and look fab on your counter when you aren't using it, too.

    a wood serving platter with a mango on it

    26. A copy of Easy Cocktails so you can whip up a delicious bev in a jiffy. Each recipe only requires four ingredients (or less), so you won't have to buy a billion random liqueurs and syrups to make a signature drink.

    the cover of Easy cocktails

    27. A bottle of lavender-scented room mist that'll help you create a serene environment for an ultra-chill day at home. You can even spray it onto your pillow for a dose of aromatherapy if you need some help catching z's.

    a person spraying the mist onto their pillow

    28. And finally, a super cute makeup brush holder that'll keep your beauty supplies in order. Its base doubles as a tray you can keep trinkets and jewellery on, too.

    a floral makeup brush holder on a bathroom counter

    The feeling of not paying full price:

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