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    22 Things From Amazon Canada With Such Great Reviews, You’ll Wanna Get Them For Yourself

    I'll take one of each, please.

    1. A TikTok-famous ChomChom Roller that'll come in seriously handy if you have pets that like to shed all over your furniture. Reviewers say this thing removes every single strand of fur with just a few swipes and love how easy it is to clean.

    A BuzzFeed editor's photo of her Chom Chom roller full of cat hair

    2. A copy of Ottolenghi Simple that'll add a whole new set of go-to dishes to your weekly meal roster. Reviewers rave about how this cookbook has completely transformed the way they eat and that it has made picky eaters fall in love with veggies.

    the cover of yotam ottolenghi's cookbook

    3. A fanny pack that'll take some of the load off of your pockets. Reviewers say it's the perfect alternative for anyone who loves the look of lululemon's popular belt bag, except this one is ✨half the price✨.

    The bag on a bed an a person wearing the bag two ways

    4. A pair of Aveeno hand and foot masks packed with prebiotic oats and shea butter to soothe your skin. Reviewers love how much they help when it comes to softening rough spots.

    aveeno foot and hand masks on a table

    5. A pair of backseat organizers that'll keep your car neat 'n' tidy. Reviewers say they're total game changers when it comes to road trips, especially if you have kids.

    6. Or a trunk organizer that'll turn the boot of your car into tidy, multi-pocketed storage situation for all of your essentials. Reviewers love that it helps keep things organized without taking up much precious cargo space.

    the organizer hung in the trunk of a car

    7. A heat-resistant mat that'll give you somewhere safe to set your curling iron on while it's cooling off. Reviewers appreciate that they can also use it to protect their tools when they travel with 'em and say that it has saved their tabletops and counters from burn marks.

    a hot hair tool on the mat against a blank background

    8. A self-discovery journal that'll give you a new question every day for 365 days. Reviewers say it's perfect for anyone who wants to journal, but never actually gets around to it.

    The cover of the self-discovery journal

    9. A pack of Command cable organizers you can stick the side of your appliances to keep your cords from getting tangled up. Reviewers explain that it makes their kitchen counters and office desk SO much neater.

    The cable organizer mounted on the back of a nespresso coffee machine

    10. A pack of bestselling gel toilet stamps that'll keep your toilet bowl clean for longer, so you won't have to scrub it as often. Reviewers like that it leaves the room smelling fresh after every flush (but appreciate that the scent isn't overwhelming).

    11. A pack of cleaning wipes that'll give your winter boots a mid-season refresh. Reviewers say they even work to clean stubborn salt stains off of their Uggs.

    12. A makeup brush set if you're over using your fingers to apply your concealers, blushes, and eye shadows. Reviewers say they're comparable to more expensive brushes they own and love that it comes with a brush cleansing pad they can use to keep 'em in tip-top shape.

    make up brushes on a satiny surface

    13. A cordless massager that'll gently knead your sore trap muscles. Reviewers say it has helped to relieve knots in their shoulders and love that it has a heated option.

    a person wearing the massager over their shoulders, with their hands through the slots at the front so they can rest their arms

    14. A pack of invisible ring adjusters that'll help you make sure your favourite bands don't slide off. Reviewers mention that they're super useful if your fingers shrink down when it's cold out (or if you wanna wear your thumb ring on a different digit).

    a ring with a ring adjuster on it next to a polishing cloth and eight more adjusters

    15. A pack of washing machine cleaner tablets that'll get rid of soap scum and lingering debris. Reviewers say it makes their machines look brand-spankin' new and that these things are their go-to for eliminating musty smells.

    a person putting a washing machine cleaner tablet into a washing machine

    16. A set of pot lid holders you can stick to the inside of a cupboard door. Reviewers note that the adhesive is super strong, meaning they won't budge once you install 'em.

    two pot lids resting in holders that are mounted to a cupboard door

    17. A bestselling plant stand you can use to display your favourite greenery, especially if your goal is to double your plant collection this spring. Reviewers like that each shelf is grated, which allows sunlight to reach the ones they place on the bottom tiers.

    several plants on the seven-tiered plant stand

    18. An outlet extender with surge-protecting technology, so you won't have to worry about blowing a fuse as you power up. Reviewers appreciate that it has an LED light to indicate if you've got too many devices plugged in at once.

    an outlet extender with six AC plugs

    19. A showerhead filter that'll remove impurities from your water. Reviewers say it'll works wonders if you live somewhere with hard H2O and that they've noticed a big-time improvement in their hair and skin since installing it.

    the showerhead filter on a white background

    20. A pair of buttery-soft leggings that won't cost you an arm and a leg. Reviewers say they're fab lululemon dupes (they actually compare 'em to Align leggings) and also mention that they're totally squatproof.

    a person wearing leggings against a blank background

    21. A pair of tongue scrapers you can use to get all the gunk off your tongue and keep your breath smelling fresh as daisies. Reviewers love how quick and easy they are to use and say they're a cinch to clean.

    two tongue scrapers next to their box and travel cases

    22. And finally, an outlet cover and power bar duo that'll keep your cables from being the main event on your wall. Reviewers say it makes their space look tidier by hiding all of their uggo cords and love that it keeps them all in one spot.

    the before and after images of the outlet cover and power strip

    Me, wondering how the heck I don't already have these:

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