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    If You're Going Fall Camping, Here Are 23 Things You'll Want On Your Autumn Adventure

    I'll take chilly weather over mosquitos any day.

    1. An insulated thermos you'll be happy to have with you on frosty hikes this fall. It'll keep your bevs piping hot for 24 hours, so you can sip on a steamy cup of joe all day long.

    brittany holding the large stanley thermos in her hand

    2. A pair of high-rise hiking joggers you can convert into shorts, so you can moderate your body temp as the day heats up and cools down (without having to pack extra clothes).

    a person wearing the zip away joggers

    3. A sleeping bag that'll keep you snug as a bug, even if the mercury drops below zero. If you get a second one, you can actually zip them together to create a big double-sized sleeping bag (which is fab if you plan on sharing your tent with another person).

    a mummy sleeping bag on a white background

    4. Or a wearable sleeping bag you can strut around camp in when you wanna be cozy. It's equipped with arm holes and a hood, with the option to open up the bottom and stick your feet out, too.

    two people leaning against the back of a camper van wearing the sleeping bags

    5. A packable puffer you can wear on cool morning hikes and then stick in your daypack when the sun gets hot in the afternoon. It comes with a tiny carrying sack that'll keep it compressed, so it won't take up much room in your bag.

    a person wearing the packable puffer jacker with jeans on a white background

    6. And an ultra-light rain jacket you can throw over your puffer if it gets ugly out there. It has zip-up slits along the armpits, so you can air 'em out if you start feeling too toasty.

    7. A compact cookware set that'll help you sauté, boil, fry, and actually enjoy your backcountry meals. It'll stack into a tidy bundle, so you can keep everything organized and stored together.

    8. A two-person tent that reviewers say is super sturdy and can be set up in under five minutes. They also say it's incredibly lightweight, which is perfect if you have a long hike in to your campsite.

    a tent in a field

    9. A wool crewneck because it's breathable, warm, and quick to dry. It's a must-have for layering, especially if the forecast is predicting cool and rainy conditions.

    a person wearing the long sleeve wool crewneck

    10. A power bank in case you need to juice up your headlamp, camera, or phone. It'll let you charge up to three devices at once, and has a cute little light-up paw that'll let you know how much power is left.

    a portable charger with a light up paw to indicate how much power is left

    11. A dry bag that'll save your not-so-waterproof items from getting drenched. It's an absolute must if you'll be in a canoe with your valuables, and will also come in handy if it starts to storm while you're out and about.

    A person fishing with the dry bag on their back

    12. An extra-long shirt jacket you can wear on brisk evenings around the fire. Reviewers say it's a great layering piece and that it's a total Aritzia dupe.

    13. A set of stormproof matches that are easy to light, even when they're wet. It comes with a durable waterproof case that'll float if it ends up in water.

    a set of stormproof matches in a bright case

    14. A portable espresso maker if you can't stand the thought of being without your daily dose of java. Just scoop your grinds into the filter basket, pour your boiled water into the tank, and pump out your fresh espresso.

    a person holding the portable espresso maker

    15. A portable chair so you'll have somewhere to put your tush when the ground is less than desirable. It'll pack down nice and small, which will make it easy to pack in your bag or keep in your trunk for impromptu day trips.

    two people sitting in the portable chairs outside

    16. A rechargeable headlamp that'll help you see where the heck you're going, especially when the sun starts setting earlier in the day. Reviewers love how bright it is and also say it's hella durable.

    The rechargeable headlamp next to a USB cord and a small, round, protective case

    17. A sweat-wicking crop top that reviewers say is comparable to lululemon's Align tank. It's stretchy, breathable, and buttery-soft, and will work well as your innermost layer or even as a PJ shirt.

    a person stretching out the tank top

    18. An inflatable sleeping pad because let's face it — no matter how "outdoorsy" you may be, there's nothing worse than a lousy sleep. Reviewers say that even though it's light and compact, it's thick enough to provide comfort and protection from the cold ground.

    19. A LifeStraw that'll filter bacteria, parasites, and microplastics out of contaminated water. It's lightweight and easy to pack, which makes it the perfect tool for backcountry camping.

    A person drinking river water out of the LifeStraw

    20. And a pack of water purification tablets because it's always a good idea to have a backup filtration plan. Just pop in one tablet for every litre of water, give it a mix, and after thirty minutes you'll have aqua that's safe to drink.

    A person filling up their nalgene water bottle next to a packet of water purification tablets

    21. A compression sack that'll keep your bulkier items from eating up all the space in your bag. Reviewers say they're impressed by how tiny their chonky sleeping bags and big sweaters pack down to.

    a before and after image of the compression sack packed and tightened

    22. A mini camping stove that'll literally fit in your pocket. It'll be perfect for when it's too wet to make a fire (or you're just too damn tired to collect firewood).

    The mini stove attached to a canister of propane

    23. And finally, an inflatable pillow that'll save you from using a lumpy hoodie as a makeshift cushion. Reviewers love that you can adjust the inflation pressure to make it as firm or as soft as you'd like.

    A person sleeping on the inflatable pillow

    Enjoy the great outdoors, y'all.

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