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    22 Sweet 'N' Simple Gifts They'll *Actually* Use

    These will absolutely not sit around collecting dust.

    1. A sleek jewellery box that'll help them organize their shiniest treasures. Some of its compartments are hidden, so they can keep their most prized possessions tucked away discreetly.

    a multi-compartment jewelry box on a nightstand

    2. An Instax Mini 11 Instant Camera they can use to snap pics and print 'em instantly. If they're the kind of person who loves a sentimental keepsake, they'll love having physical photos to look back on.

    a person holding an instax camera

    3. Or an Instax Mini Link 2 Printer if they'd rather print the pics they've taken with their phone and be more ~selective~ about which ones see the light of day.

    a person holding the instax printer surrounded by various instantly printed photos

    4. A hand blender that'll make it easier for them to make *good* soup. It's cordless, which means they can emulsify their ingredients from any corner of their kitchen without getting tripped up by a cable.

    5. A glare-free Kindle Paperwhite that'll help them build the virtual library of their dreams. It's waterproof, so they can fearlessly use it while they're relaxing in the bath.

    a person reading off of a kindle with a cat on their lap

    6. A lululemon Everywhere Fleece Belt Bag that's as gosh darn cute as it is handy. It'll hold all their go-to thingamajigs and keep their hands free so they can safely beep-bop around town on their bike or walk their dog.

    Victoria opening her fleece everywhere bag

    7. A ceramic teapot they can use to brew their favourite cuppa this winter. It comes with a removeable infuser for their loose-leaf blends, too.

    8. A cushy exercise mat they can bust out when they want to get their sweat on. This thing is seriously grippy, meaning they won't slip and slide at their next yoga class (even if it's in a sauna).

    a B mat leaning against a wall

    9. A fancy-shmancy knife sharpener that'll help them keep their blades in tip-top shape. It has three sharpening grits (including one for serrated knives), plus an adjustable knob that'll allow them to sharpen at all kinds of angles.

    a person using the knife sharpener

    10. An ergonomic seat cushion that'll make sitting at their desk feel like an entirely new (and seriously comfortable) experience. Reviewers say it's a total game-changer when it comes to easing aches and pains at the office or on long drives.

    a back cushion on an office chair

    11. A set of chic salad servers for the host that always does the most. Reviewers say they're the kind of utensils that never get put away because they're just so gosh darn nice to look at.

    a pair of salad servers in a wood bowl

    12. A heated deep tissue massager for when they want to simply sit back, relax, and soothe their neck and shoulders. Reviewers say that this baby calms their ultra-tense traps like nothing else.

    a person wearing the heated shoulder massager while sitting in front of a laptop

    13. A sleek diffuser that'll give the air around them a major refresh. It'll let them explore the benefits of aromatherapy with essential oils (and help them relax a little, too).

    a diffuser on a counter next to a pile of salt and two essential oil bottles

    14. A pair of stoneware mugs they'll be happy to sip their fresh coffee out of every morning. They're made by hand with multiple glazes, meaning no two are the same!

    two stoneware mugs

    15. An anti-fatigue floor mat if they tend to get sore while they're cooking or doing the dishes. It's waterproof, which will make cleaning up any drips and spills easy-breezy.

    a person standing on the mat

    16. A 12-piece dining set for the person who could use an upgrade from the hodgepodge of hand-me-down dishes they've been using since college.

    four bowls, for side plates, and four dinner plates stacked on a shelf

    17. A glossy crossbody bag to accompany them on all of their outings this winter. Its strap is both adjustable and removable, in case they wanna swap between different ~lewks~.

    a person wearing a glossy leather hand bag

    18. A digital thermometer that'll instantly tell them the internal temperature of whatever meat they're cooking. Its probe is teeny-tiny, so they won't lose too much juicy goodness when they poke away at their roast.

    a person probing a steak with the thermometer

    19. An itty-bitty massage gun for anyone who may need a little TLC between RMT appointments. It comes with four different heads they can use to target all kinds of knots and sore spots.

    a person using the massage gun

    20. An adorable book light they can clip onto their latest novel, so they can read late into the night without keeping their bright overheads on.

    a cute cloud-shaped book light clipped onto a novel

    21. A mini Bluetooth speaker that, according to reviewers, will deliver powerful sound despite its itty-bitty size. With 15 hours of play time per charge, they'll be able to blast their fave tunes all day long.

    a person holding a bluetooth speaker

    22. And finally, a memory foam knee pillow that'll make it a little easier for them to catch some proper z's. It comes with a removable strap, meaning it won't get dislodged no matter how much they may toss and turn.

    a person lying down with the pillow between their legs

    Happy gift shopping, y'all!

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