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    30 Products From Wayfair Anyone Who Lives Alone Will Probably Want To Buy ASAP

    An automatic pot stirrer, extension arm with a claw, jar opener, and more to make living on your own a breeze.

    1. A Mac Sports utility wagon that I personally swear by for moving, picking up packages, transporting laundry, carrying groceries, and pretty much anything and everything else.

    2. A Wi-Fi Smart Plug you can control from your phone — even when you're not home. Want the lights on before you get back? No problem. Forgot to turn the fan on before you got into bed? No need to get up. Plus, it works with Alexa, Hey Google, Siri, and SmartThings!

    3. A Hamilton Beach NutriFresh vacuum sealer designed to keep food fresh up to five times longer, which is super ideal if you often find yourself cooking way more food than you can physically consume by yourself in one sitting.

    4. Or a set of 50 Prep & Savour food storage containers complete with leak-proof lids and labels that tick the boxes of being microwave safe, dishwasher safe, and travel friendly.

    Image of the food storage container set

    5. A lightweight folding step stool with a 200-pound capacity to scoot into crevices next to hard-to-reach spots (like the top shelf in your kitchen) to give you an extra height boost whenever you need it.

    6. Or a sturdy three-step iron step stool with a 300-pound capacity in case you need to reach something a lil' higher up.

    Image of orange step stool

    7. A push-button Ring video doorbell featuring infrared night vision and live view capabilities that'll send a real-time notification to your phone when there's motion at your door.

    8. A battery-operated portable power station to have on hand in case the power goes out and you need to charge your phone, laptop, or other devices.

    9. A dining plate storage box so you'll have somewhere to keep all the extra dishes your parents gave you. (Also, fewer dishes in your cabinet = fewer dirty dishes to fill up your sink!)

    Picture of the box holding red plates

    10. Or a storage chest for spare wine glasses so you won't have to waste precious shelf space if you don't have company over.

    Image of the storage box with glasses inside

    11. And while we're talking about wine, a set of four silicone wine stoppers to help keep your vino tasting fresh if you don't plan on finishing the whole bottle in one sitting.

    Image of four yellow, red, purple, and blue wine corks

    12. A multitasking sleeper sofa with built-in storage for blankets and pillows so your friends will always have somewhere cozy to doze off when they stay over.

    13. An adorable cast-iron turtle-shaped key keeper to store your spare key in juuust in case you misplace yours (again).

    Image of key in key keeper

    14. A spacious, bright red metal first-aid kit, so you (and your house guests) can easily find bandaids, gauze, and anything else you might need in a medical emergency.

    15. A set of four personalized mason jars with your initial on it because this is 👏🏻 your 👏🏻 kitchen 👏🏻 and your name can be everywhere if you want it to be.

    Image of mason jar with the initial "E"

    16. An overachieving LED battery-powered Ring camera with a built-in spotlight that'll send instant alerts to your phone when motion is detected. It also allows you to see who's there, hear them, and even speak through the speaker. Plus, there's an integrated alarm that you can activate if needed.

    17. A set of four reusable furniture sliders to make rearranging furniture by yourself feel a million times easier.

    Image of two furniture sliders

    18. A freestanding bamboo bath caddy because you can hog the bathtub for as long as your heart desires, and you deserve to make the most of that.

    Image of brown caddy

    19. A single-serve Keurig coffee maker, which is great for anyone who tends to frequently pour out the cold leftover coffee in the pot when the afternoon rolls around.

    20. A Shark Ez robot vacuum complete with a self-empty base and row-by-row cleaning design since you already have enough to clean — might as well let this little guy help out.

    Image of black robot vacuum

    21. A nifty adjustable jar-opening device for when you cannot, for the life of you, get that stubborn jar open.

    Image of the black and silver jar opener

    22. An impressive 205-piece hand tool set, so you'll never have to rummage through your "junk drawer" hoping to find a stray screwdriver or Allen wrench ever again.

    23. A minimalistic wall-mounted whiteboard calendar for those of us who could use a backup method (in addition to our phone calendars) for keeping track of...well, life.

    Image of whiteboard calendar on wall

    24. A practical solid brass chain door guard to attach to your front door for an added sense of security.

    Image of the brass chain door guard

    25. A scratch- and stain-resistant wooden coffee table offering plenty of drawer storage and a lift top (aka more storage!) so you can keep all of your most-used items in one spot without needing to get up.

    26. A sleek, arched full-length mirror so you can always double-check your 'fit before heading out the door.

    27. An extension arm with a claw you'll be so grateful for when you have to grab something out of the veryyy back of your closet. You're welcome in advance.

    Image of black and green extension arm

    28. A super helpful automatic pot stirrer to keep your food from burning if you step away for a second.

    29. A set of low-maintenance bamboo plants anyone with a green thumb (and/or a busy lifestyle) will adore. Plus, you won't ever truly be home alone 'cause you've got your lil' plant buddies.

    Image of bamboo plant

    30. And a Victrola Bluetooth record player with built-in speakers and a three-speed turntable to play as loudly as you want without worrying about your roommate complaining (we'll deal with the neighbors later).

    Image of black record player

    The best part? Plenty of peace and quiet to enjoy some well-deserved YOU time.