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    17 Stylish Long Skirts You'll Want To Wear This Winter

    It's not summer anymore...but that doesn't mean you can't still wear a skirt! Check out some of our maxi favorites you need in your closet right now.

    1. A Chiffon vintage-inspired skirt that can work both for a dressy occasion or vacation!

    2. A plus-size M-slit maxi skirt with an elastic drawstring for comfortable and flowy style.

    3. A metallic pleated maxi dress to shimmer the night away no matter the event!

    4. A mesh A-line mermaid skirt for any special occasion or just a night out at the club.

    5. A foldable high waist maxi skirt to wear with your favorite boots or sweater.

    6. A bohemian asymmetric skirt with a long wrap that can even be worn as a dress.

    7. A plus-size plaid maxi skirt to wear with a denim jacket or a turtleneck for the season.

    8. An ankle-length blending maxi long enough to wear with heels and a variety of your favorite winter accessories.

    9. A high-waist pleated maxi skirt belted with pockets for a dressy and sleek look any day of the week.

    10. A ruffle tulle maxi skirt you can style with sneakers and a leather jacket for a trendy look.

    11. A coral print maxi skirt made of thick material that'll work well with over-the-knee boots for a fashionable fall get-up.

    12. A polka dot maxi skirt professional enough for the office and snazzy enough for a night out with friends.

    13. A flared high-waist skirt to set a fashionable tone in a warm fabric for the colder months.

    14. A plus-size Chiffon maxi dress that'll pair amazingly with ankle booties and a sweater.

    15. A ruffled victorian-inspired mermaid skirt — it can be worn with cowboy or leather boots for a steampunk look with a twist!

    16. A chiffon floral maxi skirt for a blossoming look to brighten up any day!

    17. A plus-size satin maxi skirt — it can be layered with a wool overcoat and paired with tights for a versatile winter look.

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