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    Get Ready To Expand Your Shoe Collection, Because FitFlop Is Having A Sale

    From men's and women's sandals to high-top sneakers to slip-on sneakers — some at more than 60% off!

    Guess what? FitFlop's mid-season sale is happening right now...with shoes up to 60% off! And if you use the BuzzFeed exclusive code BUZZ25 at checkout you'll get an *extra* 25% off!

    Let's take a look at some of our favorites from this amazing sale:

    1. Slip-on high-top sneakers for a sporty stylish look you can rock every day.

    2. Men's back-strap sandals to wear with T-shirts, jeans, or even khakis.

    3. Slide sandals so colorful and comfortable you may never want to take them off.

    4. Metallic leather sandals to add a little shimmer to your life.

    5. Black loafers that'll become your new office staple.

    6. Slip-on sock sneakers that'll be great for the gym or just running weekend errands.

    7. Flip-flop strap sandals perfect for a pool or beach day.

    8. Leather snakeskin sneakers to add a little spice your fall outfit.

    9. Ombre mesh sneakers for a vibrant pop of color with every step.

    10. Leather sandals with a cushion to wear all day with comfort.

    11. Mirror-toe lace-up sneakers for a classic look that'll match everything.

    12. Men's leather high-top sneakers with a stylish design that you can wear to work or out for guys' night.

    13. Gladiator sandals with a cushion for enjoyable walks with style.

    14. Men's canvas slip-on sneakers can easily come on and off with a fashionable flair.

    15. Bowy leather slip-on sneakers so chic, you'll be dressed to kill.

    16. Tassel leather loafers to turn heads with every step.

    17. Metallic leather zip booties that can be gorgeous with jeans or your favorite fall dress.

    Reminder: Don't forget to use the BuzzFeed exclusive code BUZZ25 at checkout to get the extra 25% off!

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