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10 Types Of People You'll See In The International Terminal

Which one are you? Your next flight is waiting for you at British Airways.

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1. The Study Abroader

The Study Abroader is easy to pick out. It acts conspicuously cool, wearing trendy clothes and reading tattered copies of classic literature just in case there's anyone else from the program watching.

2. The Parent

The Parent is easily spotted by the presence of its offspring, detailed below. Usually exhausted from all the planning, The Parent is looking forward to getting its kids on the plane where they'll be distracted by the hundreds of on-demand cartoons.

3. The Child

The Child is noteworthy for its diminutive stature. It's temperament can change radically and quickly. The Child is normally found in the presence of The Parent (see above).

4. The Jet-Lagged Transfer

The Jet-Lagged Transfer doesn't know what time it is. It doesn't know what airport this is. It barely has enough energy to stumble onto the next flight without collapsing from sleep deprivation.

5. The Business Traveler

The Business Traveler is usually accompanied by several forms of technology, as well as a low-wrinkle power suit. The Business Traveler already has its watch set to the destination's time zone and approaches the gate at the moment boarding begins.

6. The Panicker

The Panicker lives in constant fear of missing its flight. Despite being at the gate an hour and 45 minutes before takeoff, The Panicker still sets several alarms on its phone and clutches its boarding pass with sweaty palms. The Panicker will not let down its guard until it is safely on the plane.

7. The Professional

The Professional makes flying look like a science. Its bag is the biggest possible carry-on allowed. It has noise-canceling headphones, a sweat-wicking neck pillow, and a universal charger that can be adapted to any device.

8. The Chronicler

The Chronicler wants you to know that the Dunkin' Donuts in O'Hare airport look exactly the same as the Dunkin' Donuts outside of O'Hare. The Chronicler's primary weakness is security signs forbidding photography in restricted areas.

9. The Ex-Pat

It's hard to tell if The Ex-Pat is heading home or leaving to visit family. Often fluent in multiple languages, The Ex-Pat is equally comfortable in both cultures and is often incorrectly sorted into a different category.

10. The Globe-Trotter

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The Globe-Trotter will frequently engage you in conversation about where it's been. Where exactly has it been? Everywhere. Note the presence of multiple tour-guide books; The Globe Trotter takes kicking back very seriously.

Catch these and all types of travelers in British Airways' Terminal 5 at Heathrow.