10 Hilarious Pros And Cons Of Bringing Your Significant Other To Christmas

Let’s be real: It’s a little bit of both. Brisk Bodega knows all about this balance, because that’s Brisk, baby.

1. You have a witness to back you up on how crazy your family really is.

2. Your family behaves more when people they don’t know are around.

3. You get to watch them politely eat your aunt’s gross cookies.

4. You get to see them be adorable with your baby cousins.

5. You can’t act like your usual lunatic self because you’re trying to make them feel comfortable.

6. You know you can’t show PDA in front of Grandma.

7. Your mom thinks it’s totally cool to ask when you two are getting married.

8. Your dad tends to call your significant other by your ex’s name.

HBO Video / Via reactiongifs.com

9. Your mom already made up two separate beds in separate rooms.

10. Or, even worse, you don’t have a significant other to bring home.

Whatever. Just dance in the living room alone.

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