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So You're Going To Ditch Shea Moisture, Now What?

While many of you are teaming up in numbers to boycott and put all of the Shea Moisture you own in a box to the left. Let’s not forget Shea Moisture just may be the holy grail of natural hair care. Let’s face it! Everyone, from my grandmother to boyfriend uses Shea Moisture’s products, so why throw a wrench in their hair journey? Let us continue to voice our concerns like we know how while Shea Moisture works to regain the hearts of those not to be forgotten. After all, their type of inclusion doesn’t seem to be the ones to support their building business anyway. Maybe it's time to shed a little light on other natural hair care brands who make sh-t for us too!

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1. Camille Rose

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I’ve used this brand for a little over a year; its vegan-friendly ingredients and my dry scalp are a match made in heaven. My go-to from this brand is the Cocoa+ Mango deep conditioner. The brand is carried in the beloved Target and other major retailers like Amazon and

2. Mielle Organics

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I adore this product line. Its bright pink packaging can be unmistaken on many ethnic hair care aisles. My go-to from this brand is its Babassu Conditioning Shampoo; it gives a tingling CLEAN feel just after ONE wash. This product is definitely my go-to on washdays.

3. The Mane Choice

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Hunny! The Mane Choice’s 3-in-1 Conditioner definitely softens my curls better than ever before. Every girl loves curls they can manage. It’s infused with biotin and tea tree oils too. C’mon! What’s not to love about this product? Make Mane Choice Collection, your main choice on wash days too!

4. Aphogee Green Tea + Keratin Reconstructurizer

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Aphogee's Reconstructurizer has definitely supported my growth retention. This product has been there for the good hair days and the bad. Its rich ingredient list instantly gives your hair the strength you need for any style.

5. Hairista Essentials

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Some would say I saved the best of the best products listed for last. Hairista Essentials leave-in protein cream was recommend and curated by my talented stylist Ebony Robinson Owner of Hairista Studio (Hampton, VA).

This protein cream is comprised of many multi-vitamins and proteins that combat dryness, humidity and frizz. This product is a must for natural, relaxed or curly girls who love a good long lasting blow out!

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