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Film making Evolution: 21st Century Aerial Cinematography Operator 03/14/2017 0:28 AM

Have you ever wondered how life looks like from above? If you're an artist looking for a different perspective, then an aerial cinematography might be just for you.

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Aerial Cinema Productions Inc.(ACP) a Motion Picture Aviation Company, originally based in New York was established in 1991 has since moved its operations to south and is now flying the sunny skies of Southern Florida. Aerial Cinema Productions (ACP) is one of the premier providers of the helicopter and fixed-wing aviation assets and services to the motion picture and TV industry. ACP is committed to providing superior service not only on the east coast and south, but throughout the United States, Mexico and the Caribbean, and is FAA certified with an approved Motion Picture, TV Manual and Certificate of waiver. The full service aerial production company employ pilots, flight crews, professional production personnel, top of the line video and film camera equipment for the purpose of aerial filming and video with projects ranging from studio feature films to commercial campaigns, music videos, documentaries, industrials and independent films.

CEO and founder, Ray McCort, has been a SAG (Screen Actors Guild) pilot for over 20 years, with expertise in flying Camera Ships and Picture Ships on screen and over 8,000 hours of flying time. He started his career in Manhattan as a sightseeing pilot, and then flew for WABC Channel 7 to cover breaking news in the New York City. With skills in both Aerial Safety and Stunt Coordination, he has been an active member in the motion picture industry since 1991, including several years flying as a pilot/reporter in the Electronic News Gathering industry flying for several US News markets throughout the US, including, Washington, DC, Baltimore and New York. His current professional affiliations include membership in SAG/AFTRA, Visual Effects Society, SOC (Society of Operating Cameramen), HAI and AUVSI (Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International).

Ray has recently become FAA certified to fly UAV/Drones for commercial film and video work under the new FAA Part 107 regulations and created an off-shoot of ACP called Aerial Cinema Drones. The new company is located in Ft. Lauderdale Florida and will utilize drones to fly for various film & video productions.

Ray has worked on many feature films, commercials and shot aerials for such films as Save the Last Dance, Eraser, Chill Factor, Daylight, Stepmom and Vanilla Sky. He was invited to join the Visual Effects Society (VES) in recognition of his aerial CGI work on the feature films 'Vanilla Sky' and 'Blade.'

Currently, Ray is working on a film production, starring Arnold Swarznegger about a rogue news helicopter terrorizing a major US city- Production is scheduled to begin shooting in early fall of 2017. Sources at Paramount Pictures confirms that Ray will join the production team as aerial director and pilot, utilizing several on camera helicopters and drones for all of the action and film scenes.

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