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School Readiness In Middle Childhood

This post describes four main aspects of school readiness in elementary school students.

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1. Social Emotional

Social-emotional school readiness includes expressing emotions and communicate their needs. To be ready for school students must be able to cooperate with their peers and teachers. This also includes problem-solving skills and being sensitive to others.

2. Behavioral

Students who are ready for school demonstrate that they are able to follow directions and pay attention to the teacher and their peers. They are interested in having fun my participating in new activities with their peers. In addition to this behavioral readiness mean not being disruptive in school.

3. Cognitive

School readiness includes being academically ready to participate in new lessons. They have to be able to communicate on a developed language level. There are basics that every elementary student should know. This includes number skills, writing their name and basic cognitive skills to have further success.

4. Family

A stable home life is important to be ready for school. Having good physical health and mental well-being positively impacts their school life. Nurturing and positive interactions with their family will help them succeed academically. Providing resources to learn academics to home shows improvement with learning at school.

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