23 Accessories Guys Will Actually Want To Wear

    Just don't call them "mancessories," please.

    1. Show off some real hardware.

    2. Pretend you know your way around a boat with one of these.

    Miansai Silver Tone Hook and Flamingo Leather Bracelet, $65

    Miansai Rose Plated Anchor and Blue Leather Bracelet, $85

    3. Get your lumbersexual on with a wooden bangle.

    4. Do your best Jack Sparrow with one of these guys.

    Men's Gold Skull Bracelet With Nylon Cord, $16

    5. Play cowboy with a braided bracelet.

    Crucible Leather Braided Bracelet in Brown, $28.99

    6. Get patriotic with this timepiece.

    Daniel Wellington Classic Canterbury Watch, $95.63

    7. Sport a sporty "Santiago."

    Adidas Santiago Quartz Watch with Digital Dial, $77.99

    8. Go back to basics with an all-wood watch.

    Handmade Red Sandalwood Watch, $89

    9. Show your stripes with this strap.

    Alistare The Drexl Watch, $49

    10. Nail your look, literally.

    Nail Statement Ring in Sterling Silver and Gold, $55

    11. Go avant garde.

    12. Send a message in sterling silver.

    Bing Bang NYC Rise Above Ring, $48

    13. Stack it up with a set.

    14. Rock a subtle nametag.

    15. Or just your initials.

    Customized Mixed Metal Necklace, $29

    Pewter Tag Initial Necklace, $34

    16. Go geometric.

    Brass Triangle Chain, $29

    17. Show off your hometown's coordinates.

    18. Carry around a crystal.

    Lovebullets Crystal Necklace, $40

    19. Customize your collar with a chain.

    Designsix Collar Chain With Spikes, $14.50

    20. Shoot for success with a tie clip.

    J. Crew Arrow Tie Clip in Silver, $44.50

    Target Gold Arrow Tie Bar, $16.99

    21. Or get a little geeky.

    The Tie Bar's Glasses Clasp, $15

    22. Link up your cuffs with a couple of gears.

    23. Channel your inner rock star with an ear cuff.

    ASOS Ear Cuff Pack, $10.50

    Now go forth and accessorize like a boss.