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    Definitive Proof That Bucket Hats Are The Coolest Accessory Of All Time

    And every guy needs one IMMEDIATELY.

    According to GQ, bucket hats are THE hat for spring, so you should DEFINITELY invest in one. WHY?

    GQ / Via

    1. First off, just look how cool the Biebs looks in one.

    Kevin Winter / Getty Images

    2. Kevin James? Even cooler.

    Michael Buckner / Getty Images

    3. Check out how excited this model is to be modeling one.

    ANMLHSE / Via

    4. This model doesn't look like he's questioning every decision he's ever made.

    KarmaLoop / Via

    5. Neither does this guy.

    KarmaLoop / Via

    6. And this dude looks like the life of the party!

    BrickHarbor / Via

    7. This man's version is reversible!



    8. This kid's definitely the coolest kid in his class.

    Glenda Powers / Getty Images

    9. Seriously, you can pull this look off at any age!

    Eugene Gologursky / Getty Images

    10. Pharrell doesn't look like he's wearing a little kid's hat or anything.

    ANG / Fame Pictures

    11. Nick Cannon, killin' it.

    Alexandra Wyman / AP

    12. And Mets Bucket Hat Guy isn't annoying at all.

    NBC / Via

    13. I mean, the hat really pulls this whole look together.

    Arnold Turner / AP

    14. Jaden Smith was totally jazzed to rock one.

    Jordan Strauss / AP

    15. We should totally be taking more style cues from the Hoff.

    Newspix / Getty Images

    16. Wentworth Miller looks like he's having the time of his freaking life.


    17. And, obviously, Gilligan is a style icon.

    CBS / Warner Bros. Television / Via

    But, really.

    E! / Via