This Music Video Is Definitive Proof That Weird Al Is Part Of The Illuminati

And you thought you knew the truth. This time Al goes after Lorde’s “Royals.”

1. Partnered with College Humor, Weird Al Yankovic just released his third parody video of the week, and this time, he’s singing about the illuminati.

CollegeHumor / Via

2. This paper bag is totally illuminati:

College Humor / Via

3. That sandwich that Weird Al wrapped in foil? That sandwich is illuminati:

College Humor / Via

4. His background singers? They sing for the illuminati:

College Humor / Via

5. Patton Oswalt? Yep, he’s illuminati:

College Humor / Via

6. That funny hat on Weird Al? Yeah, you can get that at the illuminati gift shop:

College Humor / Via

7. This guy getting probed in the butt? He’s illuminati:

College Humor / Via

8. When they put Weird Al to sleep? There’s illuminati written all over it:

College Humor / Via

9. Doubt all you want, but Weird Al is illuminati.

Weird Al Yankovic / Via

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