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This GoPro Footage Of A Guy Jumping Off A Building Is Totally Freakin' Insane

You got really, really big balls, dude.

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Ethan Swanson is a professional stuntman from Chicago who decided it would be a good idea to jump off a building.

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GoPro / Via

He preps for the jump by taping up his arms for added protection.

GoPro / Via

And aside from the typical POV angle, Ethan also sets up a second camera for a third-person view of the jump.

GoPro / Via

Once on the roof, he takes a few test sprints and tries to spot his landing.

GoPro / Via

Then finally, he jumps...

GoPro / Via

And it's pretty fuckin' EPIC.

GoPro / Via

Major props, Ethan. You got some pretty big cojones for pulling off a stunt like that.

Dwayne Johnson / Via