This Baby Porcupine Makes The Cutest Noise When It Gets Tickled

“I’ll tickle your feet.”

1. This video of a porcupine making the cutest squeal while getting tickled was first posted in 2012, but just began to make waves because it’s so cute!

youtube / Via

NOTE: The object in the video used to tickle the porcupine is in fact a yard stick/ruler.

2. But apparently that little guy isn’t the only porcupine that makes funny noises. Take Kemosabe for example; A one-tooth porcupine who couldn’t be more excited about his basket full of treats…

youtube / Via

3. And Teddy Bear the porcupine, who makes the cutest noise while he eats a bowl full of baby pumpkins.

youtube / Via

4. Who knew porcupines could be so adorable!?

seniorark / Via

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