Someone Give This Feisty Woman Her Own Cooking Show Already

NSFW because of vulgar language, but whatever, just put on headphones.

1. Felicia O’Dell, aka Auntie Fee, is a cook that definitely brings the heat into the kitchen. From feeding seven people with just $3.35, to making sweet treats for the kids, Felicia has the recipe for anything your heart desires.

Auntie Fee / Via

2. For example, cooking chicken wings has never looked tastier…

Auntie Fee / Via

3. And making “something sweet for the fuckin’ kids” has never been easier.

Auntie Fee / Via

4. Let’s not forget that she also shows us how to cook dinner for under $5. Take that Rachel Ray!

Auntie Fee / Via

5. Auntie Fee, you are AMAZING.

Auntie Fee / Via

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