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This Breathtaking Time-Lapse Video Of Los Angeles Will Make All Angelenos Proud

There's a reason why they call L.A. the "City of Angels."

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Filmmaker Chris Pritchard spent two years gathering footage for a time-lapse video called "Above LA 4K." And it's safe to say that all his work paid off.

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Chris Pritchard / Via

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I'd drive around, hit the trails, or try and get high-rise access in search of new and interesting views above the city. Once you get above, even slightly, the views and sounds begin to change dramatically. Experiencing this vast and grand city from above lends a new and different appreciation for it.

Chris told BuzzFeed that the hardest location to physically access was the Hollywood sign. "Many people have done this hike - it's not that bad. But I did it with all my gear (70lbs+ and a 6 foot slider) on the first day of a heat wave."