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The Process Of Making Ramen Noodles Is The Coolest Thing You'll Learn Today

It looks like a big roll of toilet paper at one point.

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Kenshiro Uki of Sun Noodle in New Jersey shows us how ramen noodles are made, and it's surprisingly mesmerizing.

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The process starts with creating the dough. According to Kenshiro, the most important part of this process is to mix the dough until every particle of flour has hit every particle of water.

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The ramen dough then gets rolled into sheets, and is left to age for 45 minutes. Aging the dough allows for the glutens to rest and develop properly, which will then give the final product the desired chewy texture.

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After, the sheets of ramen dough gets cut, and the noodles begin to form.

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Then, the cut noodles make their way through different sections of the machine and get prepped for packaging.

... And that's how ramen noodles are made.

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Now go to your favorite ramen shop, grab a bowl, and enjoy!

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