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11 Reasons To Go To Peru

Defined by its coast, tropical jungles to its long mountainous range and dry desserts. Here are some reasons you should visit Peru.

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It is a place best known for its Inca trails, colorful and extrinsic pattern designs, and its mystical oasis. A country defined by its glistening coast and white sands; lushes green tropical forests; a mountainous range, and one of the driest deserts in the world. Here are 11 reasons you should visit Peru.

1. Comida Peruana (Peruvian Food)

Peruvians are masters of many dishes, but Ceviche has to be one of their best known seafood dish. Ceviche is a popular dish in the coastal regions of Peru and is made with shrimp, lime, chilies and other native Peruvian spices.

2. Machu Picchu

Created by the Incas in the 15th century, Machu Picchu lies in the Andes Mountains of Peru and sits above the Urubamba River Valley. This magical and mysterious area was later abandoned but is renowned for its sophisticated dry-stone walls and extrinsic designs.

3. Lima

Lima, the capital of Peru, and a hub of culture and traditions. It is home to over 8 million Peruvians and is the largest city in South America. Explore the preserved colonial areas or take a stroll along the coast.

4. Peruvian Pisco Sour

Pisco is a brandy produced in wine-making regions of Peru and Chile. Although, the natives of these two countries debate which country created the sour-tasting alcoholic beverage. Peruvian Pisco Sour plays with your taste buds by creating a sweet then sour sensation.

5. Amazon Jungle

Peru is home to one of the largest tropical forests in the world. The Amazon Jungle connects Peru with its neighboring countries Brazil and Colombia. Its thick brushes and large tree leaves are home to many amphibians, mammals, and reptiles.

6. Andes Mountain

The Andes, one of the world's longest mountain range, runs along South America's western side. Its terrain encompasses glaciers, volcanoes, grassland, desert, lakes and forest, all of which are part of Peru. Grab your ski's and set of down the side of these snowy-topped mountains, or grab a pair of mountain climbing boots to march up the many volcanoes.

7. Beaches

You can't go to Peru without going to one of the many beaches there. Try the province of Trujillo. The town is home to the clear-water, sandy white beach, Mancora. Although, it's not as popular as the beaches in Lima, it is a breath taking sight to see.

8. Oasis

Huacachina, one of the oldest oasis in the south of Peru, is considered a mystical mystery. Legends have been told about a siren who lives in the oasis.. To this day, the siren tempts swimmers into going further out, which ultimately leads them to their deaths.

9. Arequipa Region

Arequipa is a distinct colonial-era capital of Peru's Arequipa Region. A city defined by its volcanoes; Nevado Chachani a volcano topped with white, snow;and El Misti, Peru's most active volcanoes.

10. Puno

Puno is a city on Lake Titicaca; a large lake that connects Peru with its neighbor Bolivia. Outside of the history the two countries share, this large body of water intertwines the two cultures. Puno is also considered the region of folklore, so grab a seat around the fire and listen to the legends that have been passed down for years.

11. Peruvians

And of course, the country could not be complete with out the Peruvians themselves. Kind-hearted and willing to help by nature the natives are sure to be the reason your trip is memorable.

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