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15 Odd Food Combinations That You Might Not Want To Admit You Have Tried

Hot Cheetos and Cream Cheese…. ODD? I think NOT! Most, if not all, of us have been in the position where we are eating something “out of the norm” and our friends or family tell us, “Ew, that looks so disgusting!” And then try it and can't get over how delicious it is! It's like, how could they have gone their whole life without it! Okay, that might have been a little dramatic but still, don’t knock it till you try it!

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1. Hot Cheetos & Cream Cheese

2. PB&J with Tomatoes

Michael Pohuski / Via

3. Cheese Fries and Gravy

Cincy Foodie / Via

4. Spaghetti & Apple Sauce

5. Banana & Mayo Sandwhich

6. Chocolate Cake and Mac and Cheese

Curvy CEO / Via

7. Pizza & Nutella

BT Bacon Today / Via

8. Peeps and Ketchup

9. Pickles with Peanut Butter

10. Popcorn and Ketchup

M S Pradeep Kumar / Via

11. Red Velvet Cake & Hot Cheetos

Brandon C. / Via

12. Doritos and Egg Salad

13. Pickles and Ice Cream

Bishopart / Via

14. Crunch Bar and Cheetos

Mike Wright / Via

15. White Rice, Bananas, topped with Ketchup

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