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This 4-Year-Old Singing "Coco" Is All You Need To Hear Today

Mix it in the glass, mama! I'm drinkin' chocolate fast, mama!

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By now you've no doubt heard "CoCo" by O.T. Genasis a few hundred times, the catchy-as-hell, dumb-as-hell ode to ...

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Cocaine. Blow. Snow. White. Yayo. Booger Sugar. The Devil's Dandruff. Columbian Marching Powder. Fishscale.

O.T.'s impassioned delivery and uncanny knack for finding words that rhyme with "coco" have made the song an inescapable hit on radio and Vine, which may be part of the reason it makes our Signature Songs By State list consistently. Of course, the utter absurdity of the song's middle break is an earworm that digs pretty deep.

Sing it with us...

Well, now "CoCo" gets the remake it deserves, from a 4-year-old kid singing about chocolate milk. It's called "I'm In Love With The Cocoa." It's adorable. You have to listen to it NOW.

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