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Andrew W.K. Has Been Given A Talk Show On Glenn Beck's Blaze Network

Anything is possible. Truly.

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It began in August of last year when Beck took notice of this Andrew W.K. advice column in the Village Voice, wherein Andrew told the child of an extreme right-winger that he should love his father despite their political differences.

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Shortly after, Glenn invited Andrew onto his show on the network he owns, TheBlaze.

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And even flew Andrew to his Dallas headquarters to spend time in studio, anointing him "one of the more important voices to unite America."

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On that appearance, Beck sat Andrew down to a piano Beck had salvaged from the Ukraine, and — in what's easily one of the most awkward clips in television — asked him to play "something that speaks freedom, liberty" on it. Andrew obliged.

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He's appeared on Glenn's show a handful of times since.

Now, Glenn Beck has given Andrew W.K. his own talk show on TheBlaze, America W.K.

The Blaze

America W.K. will be a weekly two-hour program that debuts on TheBlaze Saturday, May 2. The show will focus, Andrew's camp told BuzzFeed News, on what it means to be alive — "meaning, motivation, mind-set, and making dreams come true, all included in a celebration of life itself." It will contain Andrew's patented "positive and honest outlook," and Andrew will field questions from listeners during the show.


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