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Are You The Female Version Of A Meathead?

If you relate to 8 or more of most certainly are a protein princess. Your love for fitness knows no bounds and you'll be damned to lose in an arm wrestling match in the office.

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1. To wash or not wash your hair. This is a daily inner-struggle. If you wash it, you'll dirty it immediately because you're going to workout again today. If you don' always get stuck looking like this meme (and let's be honest, probably not the babe on the left)

2. Does one round of HIIT cardio...checks for abs.

3. Your fridge looks like the Sistine Chapel of meal prep. It's a work of art! A masterpiece! Like do you even portion control, bro? You know exactly how many tupperware containers are in don't even try.

Organize Yourself Skinny / Via

4. Trying to wear actual jeans is more like a scene out of a horror movie. And why are we putting ourselves through this anyways?

White Chicks

5. While on that topic....what are "real" clothes anyways? Isn't lululemon considered proper for every occasion now? Day wear, night on the town attire? I'll make it work.

6. The theme song to Cheers basically plays when you walk in to the gym....everyone knows your name, your split days, your favorite lifts and most likely what your favorite workout playlist is 'cause lets face it... the gym IS your home.

7. The phrase "I only like to do cardio" gives you this immediate, involuntary response:

8. Rest Day is the worst curse phrase you've ever heard. Nonnegotiable

9. "Once...I saw Cady Heron wearing army pants and flip flops... so I bought army pants and flip flops" ..... replace with adidas originals + any new piece of Lulu and you know our struggle. How many should I own....?

10. Nothing enrages you more than having a dude come ask you if you "need a spotter" ... no, I am female. Hear me roar. I need you to stop. breathing. near. me.

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