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    This Is The Definitive Ranking Of The 10 Best Types Of French Fries

    If you're looking for smiley face fries, you've come to the wrong place.

    10. Garlic fries

    Wolf_art / Getty Images / Via wolf_art

    One could argue that garlic fries are just classic-cut fries with garlic on them. However, I feel passionately that garlic fries deserve their own category. Just don't eat them on a first date.

    9. Potato wedges

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    Potato wedges are similar to steak fries in their girthiness, however the skin gives them a slightly different texture, and really makes them just not as good. But they still slap, so get yourself some sriracha aioli and go to town.

    8. Sweet potato fries

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    Sweet potato fries are their own breed. My guilty pleasure is dipping sweet potato fries into maple syrup. Feel free to attack me in the comments (I can handle it).

    7. Tater tots

    Wikipedia Commons/CC BY 3.0 / Via

    Some would argue that tater tots are in fact not fries, but that's a conversation for a different time. They're fried potatoes and you can dip them in ketchup = fries. There, I said it.

    6. Shoestring fries


    For those of us who like our fries on the smushier side, we may feel blindsided by this choice for number six. And to clarify, shoestring fries at Wendy's are superior to all other shoestring fries. Sometimes we all need a little crunch in our lives. And that's okay.

    5. Home fries

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    Alright, hear me out on this one. Home fries are the sh*t. While they may not look so much like fries, we don't discriminate here. Home fries elegantly incorporate peppers and onions in a way that no other fry can. It's also worth mentioning that home fries aren't just for breakfast. Eat them for lunch, dinner, or even a midnight snack. I won't judge.

    4. Curly fries

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    Make sure your curly fries have a hefty helping of cajun seasoning on them. That is all.

    3. Waffle fries

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    Waffle fries do the best job of getting the largest amount of ketchup (or your condiment of choice) from plate-to-mouth.

    2. Steak fries

    Getty Images/ paulbinet

    Okay. Steak fries are utterly underrated. There is nothing like breaking your teeth through a beautiful crispy outside before making your way into a silky, smooth, soft steak fry.

    1. Classic-cut fries

    Lauripatterson / Getty Images

    You knew this one was coming.

    Well, what are your thoughts: do you agree or disagree with me? Let me know in the comments below.