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What's The Best Hiking Trail In Your State?

Do it for the Instagram.

If you're a fan of getting out in ~the great outdoors~ from time to time like me, you've probably got a bunch of hikes on your bucket list.

And while some hikes may get more attention than others, there are Instagrammable-as-heck hikes all over the US!

Maybe you're a fan of Hawksbill Mountain in Arkansas because the end of the trail is the perfect photo op.

Perhaps you just love Devil's Lake State Park in Wisconsin because after you're done with your hike, you can take a dip in the lake and relax on the beach!

Maybe you're a fan of Rattlesnake Ridge in Washington simply for the sweeping views.

Or maybe you have a special place in your heart for New York's Letchworth State Park, or the "Grand Canyon of the East."

We want to hear about your favorite hikes in the US — and most important, all of the reasons why they're your favorite! Is there an amazing view at the end? Is it perfect for beginners? Are there waterfalls scattered throughout the hike? We need ALL. THE. DEETS.

SO, tell us all about your favorite hiking trails in the US for a chance to be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post or video!!