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6 Actresses Who Could Be Cast As Ursula In Live-Action "Little Mermaid" Movie

You'll have your looks. Your pretty face and don't underestimate the importance of "body language." Ha!

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With the recent release of the new live-action remake of Disney classics like "The Jungle Book" and "Beauty and the Beast," Disney has announced a live-action remake of "The Little Mermaid" is in the works.

While everyone wants to know who will play the coveted title role, rthe real question is who will play the BEST role of the movie...the sea witch Ursula.

Not to mention Ursula is without a doubt the best Disney villain and has the ultimate villain song out of all of them. The original song with Pat Carroll on vocals is ICONIC and LEGENDARY.

Now as a self-proclaimed expert on the role of Ursula, I have taken it upon myself to share with you my top casting choices for this role. There are plenty of amazing actresses but only some who can handle the iconic role and do justice.

1. Kathy Bates

Academy Award-winning actress Kathy Bates would certainly bring a bit more of an evil side to the sea witch after having experience playing a multitude of villains before in her Academy Award-winning role in Misery and Emmy Award-winning performances in American Horror Story. While singing could be a problem, she does have experience with it after playing Miss. Hannigan in the 1999 version of Annie.

2. Glenn Close

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It would be an epic return to Disney if Glenn Close were cast as Ursula after bringing the character Cruella DeVil to life for the live-action remake of 101 Dalmations. Not to mention she has the singing chops if you've ever seen her sing anything from Sunset Boulvard a role that earned her a Tony Award.

3. Jerick Hoffer a.k.a Jinkx Monsoon

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This is the ONLY male choice that I will make as I fully believe it should be cast as an older woman and even plus sized if they can swing it. Anybody who's anybody knows that Ursula was inspired by the legendary drag queen, Divine. That being said, Jinkx Monsoon, winner of the fifth season of RuPaul's Drag Race, would be a fierce competitor for the role as she understands the campiness that the role needs and have you heard her slay the song already?

NOTE: The way she says our favorite line "BODY LANGUAGE!! HA!!" at 2:17.

4. Queen Latifah

There are a few pros in casting Queen Latifah. She certainly is on a few people's minds to take the role of Ursula after she posed as the sea witch as seen above. She checks a few boxes including being a woman of color (despite she would probably have purple skin like the original) which is something Disney/Hollywood is often under fire about. Queen Latifah also can sing a variety of genre's of music and I think she'd probably do pretty well singing "Poor Unfortunate Souls" especially with a bit of a lower raspy voice.

5. Lea DeLaria

Lea DeLaria, most commonly known for her portrayal as Big Boo in the Netflix original Orange is the New Black is a casting choice that I saw on someone else's dream cast and it really got me thinking. Sometimes the live-action remakes tend to be a bit darker and with her dark humor as Big Boo, she could really bring something to the actual characterization of Ursula. There are videos of her singing some jazz songs on Youtube, but who knows if she can fill the shoes of the belts Ursula sings.

6. Cicily Daniels

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In 2009 a stage musical adaption of the movie was created and it's certainly something to think about whether Disney will tap into any of the Broadway actresses who played the role. While performing on the stage is a lot different than a movie, I would be delighted to see Cicily Daniels cast. She's camp, sass and makes the song her own.

BONUS: Watch her sing I Want the Good Times Back which was exclusive to the musical.

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