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    12 Holiday Party Ideas (That Your Friends Will Actually Enjoy)

    Because, let's face it, no one wants to go to 10 ugly Christmas sweater contests this year.

    Planning the perfect holiday party can be tough.

    They never end up like you pictured them in your head, and let's be honest, no one wants to go to 10 ugly Christmas sweater parties in one year.

    Thankfully, these ideas might just save the season!

    Cookie Party

    An activity that combines cookies, candy, art and frosting could not be more loved. Did I mention there was sugar involved? Embrace your inner child and have a cookie decorating party.

    12 Days of Hors d’Oeuvres

    This party centers around appetizers, and lots of them. A few delicious appetizers, some festive cocktails, and a little holiday music all are you’ve got an easy party that looks fancy and fun. No dishes, and no crazy spending for a fancy dinner.

    Holiday Movie Marathon

    Fill the room with bean bags and throw pillows and show a couple classic holiday films. Set up a “concession stand” where guests can grab hot chocolate, eggnog, Christmas popcorn, and other treats. Sweet, simple and everyone will love it.

    Christmas Karaoke:

    If you’re tired of a boring formal parties, host Christmas karaoke this year. Go to a local karaoke bar that offers holiday songs, or do it home at home. Since there’s nothing serious about this party, it‘s the perfect time to bust out that ugly sweater contest if you secretly look forward to every year.

    Holiday Brunch

    Few things are more delicious than a cinnamon roll with a steaming cup of cocoa. Treat your friends to a brunch of holiday favorites one weekend morning. Think snowflake sprinkles for pancakes, cranberry mimosas, and fruit cut in holiday shapes. Enjoy the most festive meal you can dream up!

    Gingerbread House Contest

    Can you think of anything more classic than decorating a gingerbread house? Purchase a few gingerbread kits and have your guests divide into groups. Offer small prizes for the most creative cookie architects.

    Give & Get Party

    In the mood to give back this season? Host a party with a focus on charity. Ask to house an angel tree in your apartment complex or just host a small party and encourage friends to bring a gift for a toy drive. To make it a true give & get party, plan a white elephant gift exchange too, or send everyone home with a fun favor.

    Snow Day

    Everyone loves a day off for snow! Find a nearby snow park. Pitch in with friends to hire a shuttle to bring you to the fresh powder. Plan for mid-afternoon and eat beforehand, or host the event all day and provide a winter picnic lunch.

    Favorite Things Gift Exchange

    In this party not only does everyone walk away with a fun gift, but you get to learn about a little more about each other. Set a small cash limit and have everyone bring a gift based on their personal favorites.

    Winter Carnival

    For a twist on the standard holiday cocktail party, create a winter masquerade. Offer masks in holiday colors, decorate with bright bold colors, and supply dance-worthy music and snacks.

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