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    Watch The Evolution Of Men's Eyewear In Under Three Minutes

    One man, nine decades...

    Your glasses can say a lot about your personal style, so take a journey through the past and present of all those trendsetting shades on one guy.

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    Kicking things off with the 1930s, round tortoiseshells were just swell.

    The 1940s introduced round glasses and metal aviators to the badasses out there.

    And, of course with rock n' rollers like Buddy Holly, the 1950s were all about Wayfarers and square glasses.

    Things took a turn for the suave in the 1960s. James Bond, anybody?

    Say hello to the totally groovy aviators and gradients of the 1970s and goodbye to that shirt.

    Get your mullets ready, because they're about to be trumped by oversized glasses in the 1980s.

    Then came the thin wired glasses and wrap arounds in the 1990s.

    No 2000s frat boy look was complete without rectangular wire glasses or... shutter shades...

    Finally, the 2010s have brought us the glorious hipster look and sleek shades.

    Hairstyling + Makeup by Kayley Melissa

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