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    This Is What Happens When Guys Try To Braid Their Own Hair

    "It's like the hair is breeding!"

    We got some clueless men to put on wigs and try to braid their own hair in a multitude of ways. Spoiler alert: it got hairy.

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    To begin, they were just tasked with your run-of-the-mill three-strand braid. But, they couldn't even put the desired hair in a pony!

    "My wrist is trapped."

    "I want a third hand to hold that third one."

    "The grabbing three strands of hair is vexing me."

    They were getting frustrated. And this was only the first, and might I add, EASIEST braid. One guy made his hair look like a rope and the others were basically crying.

    We got one Katniss Everdeen over here, though.

    It was time to kick it up a notch with a FRENCH BRAID. Again, the guys were having trouble with the grabbing of the hair.

    It was getting emotional now.

    They all pretty much gave up then and there.

    Braids are HARD, Y'ALL!