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6 Highly Effective Ways To Deal With Unpleasantness At Work

I know, I know. It's not you.

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1. Smile

Smiling is a sign of openness and good humor. It says, "Hey! Life is generally good! I let the little things roll off me! I'm definitely not thinking about the tone of voice you used with me earlier."

2. Understand That You Won't Love Everyone

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There are so many roles that contribute to a functioning workspace so realize that you won't click with everyone. You won't want to recount your horrible date with every colleague but don't be resentful when they feel the exact same way. You're here, they're here, you're not best friends but you greet each other and help each other out when you can.

3. Be Willing To Confront Problems

Conflict obviously isn't great but when there is an incident or issue, feel confident enough to talk about it respectfully with that person.

For instance, remember that time John raised his voice at you in front of your client and tossed your clipboard on the ground? You could have said something to him in private like, "Hey, John, it's not a huge deal and I know that sometimes we miscommunicate or disagree but it's not okay with me when you treat me the way you did earlier. I want to have a good working relationship with you. I think you're great at your job. I'm so sorry if you have felt a lack of cooperation or civility from me, I'm going to try to be better." It takes a bit of humility and a bit of courage but IT WORKS.

4. Be Unfailingly Communicative

To avoid potential ugliness as a result of miscommunication, make sure that you are actively listening and saying what you really mean as clearly as you can. You're a valuable member of your team, so don't hold back the things you feel are important but always offer others the courtesy of a purposeful listening ear.

5. Take Responsibility

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If you make a mistake, you know it. Defensiveness isn't helpful, even if you feel that there are excuses and reasons for your slip up. Own it, be as honest and forthcoming as possible, and everyone will be happy to move on.

6. Be Willing To Let Things Go

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Whatever the issue is, no one wants to perpetually hate being at work and being with the people at work. Make it better on yourself (and have mercy on your peers) and treat each incident or unpleasantness as it's own separate situation. It's not so bad and if it is, find the resolution so you can leave it behind you. It happened, it's over, you're all just doing the best you can.

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