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What Yoga Pose Best Describes Your Little Yogi?

Your little one has decided to start practicing yoga, but which pose describes them best?

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  1. When your little yogi wakes up, the first thing they do is...

    Sigh and hide back under the covers. Not quite ready to start the day yet, just a few more minutes please.
    Flip the covers off, jump off the end of their bed, and bound down to the kitchen because they are famished and ready to start the day!
    Give you a sweet smile and a hug and tell you it's going to be a great day.
    Get dressed in whatever the find, no matter if it matches or is what you'd "like" them to wear. They have their own style and they rock it!
  2. In school, your little yogi tends to be

    Total class clown! Loves to share a joke, loves to make people laugh, and doesn't mind getting a few stern looks along the way from teachers.
    Teacher's pet. Homework done. Desk neat. Hand raised. Your little one enjoys school and enjoys doing as well as they can, the teachers all want your kiddo in their class roster!
    The errand runner! When the teacher needs someone to run something to the main office, or help another student carry their project to the art room, your little yogi is the first person they look to. They love a little break to stretch their legs, and will
    The daydreamer. The teacher knows your little yogi's name well because every time they call on them, they have to say it more than once. Not because they're naughty, but because they are lost in their own thoughts. Fractions and plural nouns take them dow
  3. It's the dog days of summer and your little yogi will most likely be found

    Reading a book inside where the AC is blasting.
    Organizing a neighborhood game of dodgeball!
    Perfecting their cannonballs off the diving board.
    Something that involves sticks, mud, lots of tape, a few popsicles, three blankets, and their bicycle and you're almost afraid to ask.
  4. The animal that best represents your little yogi is

  5. You're planning a family vacation with your little yogi and you want them to have a fantastic time so you book

    A trip to a theme park with lots of roller coasters and skinny rides and thrills out the wazoo!
    To the mountains for hiking and camping and swimming in streams. This little yogi needs to move and explore with lots of room to roam!
    The beach! Little yogi loves to jump in the waves, but also likes to build sand castles and wait for the ice cream truck with all their new beach friends.
    The big city! Lots of museums and restaurants and people and new sights to see and absorb. Your little one LOVES how busy and interesting the city can be, despite a few missed subway stops and a little extra walking.

What Yoga Pose Best Describes Your Little Yogi?

You got: Full Lotus!

The saying goes, "no mud no lotus" and your little yogi understands exactly how to work hard at something to achieve it. They've stretched themselves to their potential time and again in ways that maybe other people wouldn't recognize and will always come out on the other end stronger and wiser and more confident. And you are just the guide they need as they navigate towards their goals, regardless of how many times they get stuck in the mud. You and your yogi are amazing strong lotus flowers!

Full Lotus!
meredith a mccabe
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You got: Bow Pose!

This little one is a mover and a shaker and a rocker and a roller! They've got ants in their pants and love the movement sequences of yoga and the challenge of getting into the poses and then holding them through their breathing. This yogi LOVES to be physical and active, but that doesn't mean they don't also need a bit of down time now and then. Let them move, let them explore, and then find ways to help them relax so that they can be up and running again the next day!

Bow Pose!
meredith a mccabe
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You got: Half Moon Pose!

Your little one is shooting for the moon and reaching for the stars! They love a good challenge and love to take smart risks in order to have a little more fun. They also know that when trying something new, you might need to balance yourself against something at first until you get the hang of it. Give your yogi the space to try new things and the support they need and you'll see them grow to their full potential in no time!

Half Moon Pose!
meredith a mccabe
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You got: Savasana!

Oh, your little yogi likes to take the scenic route and stop to smell the roses along the way. They don't like to be pushed too hard and know the value of taking a break when one is needed. Maybe they're a daydreamer. Maybe they have a creative brain that just doesn't quit. Or maybe they already understand that being busy all the time doesn't necessarily mean being happier. Take a lesson from your little one and stop to rest and restore'll both benefit from it!

meredith a mccabe
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