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11 Women On Things That Take Way Longer Than Getting A Mammogram

Mammograms only take about 15–20 minutes, and they can prove to be lifesaving.

“Getting a mammogram is quicker than getting a manicure or my eyebrows waxed and is equally important to my sanity.”


“I got a mammogram and could say that it took less time than understanding the full Kardashian/Jenner/Blac Chyna chronology and family dynamic.”


“It took me longer to create a Bitmoji than to get a mammogram.”


"A mammogram won't take you nearly as much time as a trip to the license branch will."


“My last mammogram must have taken about 15 minutes. It takes me longer than that to decide what I want to eat."


“I spent 30 minutes last week trying to find this one pair of jeans. My last mammogram took less than half that time.”


“I just got my first mammogram about a month ago, and, surprisingly, it took less time than it takes me to down my after-work glass of wine. It’s a pretty big glass, but still.”


“I’ve gotten two mammograms over the past two years, and both of them seemed to be under 20 minutes. I spend more time than that doing my makeup most mornings.”


“It felt kind of like being in a panini press, so you could say it was quicker than making a grilled cheese.”


“It takes way longer to get your oil changed than to get a mammogram.”


“I’m pretty sure my mammogram took less time than it took me to find a bra to match the dress I wore Saturday night."


We get it: You're busy! Luckily, getting a mammogram takes less time than you probably thought and is our most powerful breast cancer detection tool. Find out the truth about mammograms with and get in control of your breast health now.