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7 Cringeworthy Facebook Habits You Had As A Preteen

Being a preteen was hard and at the time, and having a public platform to voice all your problems seemed to make it easier! Unfortunately now looking back at your posts, it probably makes your skin crawl. So lets take time to appreciate all your cringeworthy preteen Facebook habits even though sadly, you probably still come across half of these things on your feed (but we really hope that you've outgrown them).

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1. HABIT: Posting a ridiculous amount of selfies despite being in your "awkward phase".


Back in the day, you thought braces and thin eyebrows were cute. Unfortunately that wasn't the case and now you every time you scroll through your photos from circa 2008, you and Nicole Ritchie have the same reaction. But it's okay, it makes for some good laughter..or sobbing material.

2. HABIT: Using extremely unnatural filters because you haven't discovered subtlety yet.

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It's okay, don't be too hard on yourself. You get a free pass, just like J Lo!

3. HABIT: Constantly making status posts because you haven't discovered Twitter yet.

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Just keep telling yourself that we all know that it was important to document that grape you had on August 3rd, 2008 at 6:54pm, just make sure to document your next fruit munching session on twitter.

4. HABIT: Acting tough and passive aggressively posting statuses about people who piss you off.

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2016 has been harder than most, but that doesn't give you a free pass for preteen behavior. "COME AT ME BRO" posts are no longer allowed.

5. HABIT: Making It Facebook Official.

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After walking a few laps around the track hand-in-hand, it was love so you made a post! Now less is more. If you're not married, don't make it official...Unless you want your weird great aunt to ask you about your new boyfriend. In that case, go for it!

6. HABIT: Accepting friend requests from anyone so you looked really popular.

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You shrugged then, but you didn't know much fun is was going to be to unfriend 1000 strangers you added when you were 13. Want to know a secret? IT'S NOT FUN.

7. HABIT: Frequently making posts using "your" instead of "you're".

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Some say ignorance is bliss but in the case spelling mistakes, looking back it makes you feel more like ignorance is misery. We'll end the list their...or is it there?

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