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7 Stages Of Spring Break That You Can Totally Relate To

Tell me you can't relate.

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1. Stress


Nothing better than trying to find a destination everyone agrees on, making sure all of your friends going get along, that no one bails, it's within the price range, not to mention you have to start working on that Spring Break bod.

2. Excitement / Via

You’ve packed your bags and are headed for Spring Break! Finally, a much need break! Time for the beach, the sun, hotties from everywhere, lots of pictures and the parties of course!!

6. Depression / Via

You’ve had the best week of your life and are now heading home. You don’t want to even think about all of the upcoming projects, tests, and homework that are due the upcoming week.

7. Reminiscence

someecards / Via

Spring break is over and it’s back to school. Everyone in class is exhausted from the week and class is a total buzz kill so you’re scrolling through your pictures looking for TBTs for the rest of the semester.

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