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23 Gifts Every "Breaking Bad" Fan Deserves To Receive

Yeah, bitch! Breaking Bad: The Complete Series is out on DVD and Blu-Ray June 3.

1. Heisenberg's official black pork pie hat:

2. Los Pollos Hermanos fry batter, for perfect homemade fried chicken...

Buy it here.

3. ...properly seasoned, of course...

4. ...and best finished off with a dessert of 99.1% pure blue rock candy:

Available here.

5. Don't forget to put that Heisenberg cookie cutter to use:

Try it on bread and cheese as well! Available on Etsy.

6. Definitely dress properly for all that food preparation!

Buy the apron here.

7. And make sure you're using the right equipment:

Heisenberg cutting board available here.

8. Beaker mug for all that perfectly brewed coffee:

Available here.

9. Is it served on a Vamonos Pest coaster? Good.

Breaking Bad beverage coasters available here.

10. Tortuga paper weight:

Available on Etsy.

11. Freshen the air with a bit of New Car Scent:

Have an A1 day with the A1A air freshener available here.

12. Sad pink teddy bear:

13. Blue meth snow globe:

Buy it here.

14. Perhaps you'd rather try a terrarium?

Available here.

15. Cute lil Breaking Bad studs:

Stud earrings available here.

16. Professionally designed business cards:

17. A Victorian-style call bell, endorsed by Héctor Salamanca:

Ding! Buy one here.

18. The perfectly customized Walter White LEGO figure, complete with hazmat suit:

Available on Etsy.

19. A test tube set, surprisingly excellent for storing thumb tacks and other office supplies:

Buy it here.

20. A good Breaking Bad T-shirt is mandatory:

Buy this one.

21. Let Walt and Jesse be the faces of your friendships:

Breaking Bad BFF necklaces available on Etsy.

22. For watching all those emotional moments from the show:

Tissue box cover available here.

23. And unwind from every Breaking Bad marathon with some blue bath salts.

And of course, the complete series of Breaking Bad, available on DVD and Blu-Ray June 3rd.

...just in time for Father's Day!