The 10 Best Breaking Bad Fan Mash-Ups

The Internet: the only place where someone will draw a Pokéball in Walter White’s hand and we’re all better off for it. Don’t miss Breaking Bad only on AMC. Sundays, 9/8c.

1. Being Urkel (Breaking Bad + Family Matters)

We’d fund this just to see Carl Winslow as Gus.

2. Breaking Mad (Breaking Bad + Mad Men)

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In many ways, the “falling man” intro seems to be an even better fit for Walt than for walking whiskey glass Don Draper.

3. Breakin' Bad (Breaking Bad + Breakin')

“Mister White! Gus wants your wife, son, and infant daughter dead, and there’s only one way to save ‘em: bust a move, bitch!”

4. Breaking Bart (Breaking Bad + The Simpsons)

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The only unsettling thing about this one is that it works way too well.

5. Breaking Bat (Breaking Bad + Batman)

We don’t know about you, but we’d be the first to line-up for The Dark Walt Rises.

6. Heisen-brrr-g Crunch (Breaking Bad + Ben & Jerry's)

Tongue-Tingling Flavor That’s So Good, It’ll Blow Half Your Face Off™

7. Breaking Bass (Breaking Bad + Saul Bass)

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Fact: anything under the sun can be classed up with with a classic Saul Bass-style title sequence.

8. Breaking Beaker (Breaking Bad + The Muppet Show)

And now we know that there’s a surprising amount of Jim Henson/Breaking Bad fanart on the Internet. And now we’re wondering why we’re even surprised.

9. Final Fanta-Bad VI (Breaking Bad by way of 16-bit RPGs)

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This tops our “Most Wanted Fake TV Games” list, right above Call of Draper and Marvel vs. Capcom vs. Mob Wives.

10. Pokémeth (Breaking Bad + Pokémon)

Walt used Poor Life Choices!

It was super effective!

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