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10 Ways To Up Your Online Dating Game

Get those sweet, sweet matches. You can also learn from the cast of The Singles Project, premiering August 12, Tuesday @10/9c on BRAVO.

1. Be open to meeting all kinds of new people.

BuzzFeed / Jason Sweeten

Your soulmate might just be a cat.

2. Start by writing more than just "hey," "hi," or "sup?"

John Urquhart / BuzzFeed

But don't feel pressured to create a novel — that can be intimidating.

3. Ask the tough questions.


Or ask any questions. People enjoy talking about themselves.

4. Interesting side hobby? Let it show.

Tara Parian / Via

Unless you literally live under a rock. Then just get really creative with cropping.

5. Avoid saturating your profile with selfies.

Kristin Rossi / Via

You're more than a face sitting in front of a laptop camera.

6. Artistic talents shouldn't overshadow your actual face.

Jason Sweeten / BuzzFeed

(PhotoShop filters are terrible at dinner conversation.)

7. Group photos = the worst.

Aubree Lennon / BuzzFeed

It only results in awkward cropping, giant red circles, and tons of arrows pointing to the right direction.

8. Be careful not to wear sunglasses in every single picture.

Zachary McKnight / BuzzFeed


9. Don't be afraid to show your weirdness.

Courtesy of Bowen Yang / Via

Who wants to date an emotionless robot human? NO ONE.

10. BOSS LEVEL: Show a picture where you look intentionally imperfect.

Alix McAlpine / Via

We all have bad days. Those bad days are sometimes photographed and make us look unexpectedly charming.

Sharpen your game even more by watching The Singles Project, premiering August 12, Tuesday @10/9c on BRAVO.