16 Luxury Experiences That You Need On Your Next Ski Vacation

Après-ski is where the real fun begins. To learn how to properly do it in style, be sure to watch Après Ski, premiering on Monday, November 2nd @ 10/9c, only by Bravo.

1. First and foremost, it is ESSENTIAL to get a “cabin” that is anything but…

ewg3D / Getty Images

Spaces Images / Getty Images


Because there’s cozy, and there’s first class coooooooooozy.

2. …paired with that good-good view that’s a constant reminder of the winter wonderland you’re in.

Hannah Dewey / Getty Images

Wake up… Open the curtains… Scream “YAAASS”… Repeat.

3. Once you’re settled in, take some time to meet the locals at the nearest ice hotel.

Arctic-Images / Getty Images

There will be cocktails, hotties, and hotties drinking cocktails — so don’t be late.

4. The next morning, christen yourself “on vacation” by soaking in a pool that’s nestled between some mountains…

Pat Canova / Getty Images

5. …or relax in a natural hot spring, because you deserve it…

stanciuc / Getty Images

“Natural” meaning the Earth made this luxury just for you. Thank you, Earth.

6. …or a warm bath on top of the mountain, because sure.

Fabio Fedi / EyeEm / Getty Images

The hills are alive with your relaxing “me” time. Live it up.

7. Make sure you’re warm (but obviously stylish) for the journey that awaits you.

Jorn/Fuse / Getty Images

Fleece on wool on (faux) fur on fleek.

8. When you’re ready to start exploring the great outdoors, channel your inner animal on a dogsled tour…

Martin Barraud / Getty Images

Just sit back, get covered up with a blankie, and cuddle your loved one as the pups whisk you around the winter wonderland.

9. …or unleash that inner cowgirl you always knew you had by riding off into the sun.

Taxi / Getty Images

Ain’t nothing like a snow bunny on a snow horse (#SorryNotSorry).

10. Take a breather before lunch with a massage — out in the open — making every skier jealous.

Gordon Wiltsie / Getty Images

Haters gonna hate, but your back is gonna love, love, love.

11. Next up, quaint little lunch ON. TOP. OF. A. MOUNTAIN.

Frans Lemmens / Getty Images

You want lunch with a view or IN the view? Yeah. Duh. The answer is pretty obvious…

12. Followed by a post-lunch resting period to fully appreciate where you are.

Cultura/Alan Graf / Getty Images

Because lawn chairs and mountain tops were clearly made for each other.

13. On your way down, rest your legs by lying down on a vintage sled and taking deep breaths.

Mike Timo / Getty Images

Maybe even practice your yoga breathing because you promised your yoga instructor!

14. Celebrate your successful day with top-shelf cocktails at an ice bar.

Benjamin Horn / (CC BY 2.0) / Via Flickr: beije

You haven’t experienced a dirty martini until you’ve had it in a subzero glass.

15. And finally, have a not-your-usual-but-OMG-is-this-real-life bonfire made just for you and your friends.

Terje Rakke / Getty Images

Still drink your martinis; this time just be a little warmer.

16. And last — but def not least — take a high-altitude snowmobile trip with views that you literally can’t with.

Robert Postma / Getty Images

Because ain’t no chairlift gonna get you there.

See what happens when extravagant skiers get their “luxurious” winter vacation on. Watch Après Ski, premiering Monday, November 2nd @ 10/9c, only by Bravo.

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