The 10 Most Essential Items In A Princess’ Closet

You know you still haven’t parted ways with any of these coveted clothes and accessories – they’re just too much of who you are. From tie-dye toddler clothes to your tallest designer heels, fashion is a passion for the quintessential princess, especially the new reality royalty of Bravo’s new series Princesses: Long Island, Every Sunday at 9/8c.

1. The Greatest Kindergarten Uniform Ever


The first big phrase you ever repeated back to mom was “color coordinated.”

2. A Flawless Mani / Via http://anna_schng19

The final step to always feeling put-together (and keeping your nagging mom quiet).

3. The Shearling Boot

Triple-layered with Scotch spray to make it through the cold months before starting all over again fresh the very next year.

4. The Velour Track Suit

In black for “functionality” and in pink just for fun.

5. The Sterling Chain

The crown jewel of the jewelry box and Bat Mitzvah bounty.

6. The Designer Jean

Loyal for life after finally fitting into the first pair.

7. The Bedazzled Sweatshirt

HBO / Via

Your assortment was totally based on where you hoped you’d go to school.

8. The Foldover Yoga Pant

JUST acceptable enough to roll out of bed and wear to class.

9. The Black Satin Purse

Forever classic, even though it was too formal for the prime place you went to show it off – the mall, of course.

10. The Nude Platform Pump

Just cozy enough to wait in line for bottle service, just dangerous enough to topple on the cobblestones while walking to get there.

What will the ladies be wearing as all the drama unfolds this season? You can only find out by tuning in to Bravo's newest series, Princesses: Long Island, Every Sunday at 9/8c.

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