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12 Signs You’re The Stylish One In The Relationship

*takes bigger closet*

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3. You've definitely had heated debates about wardrobe space.

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Everyone knows you can't just divide 50-50. The person with more clothes gets more space. It's just logical.

7. And they often have to wait patiently while you compose the perfect look before leaving the house.

8. Sometimes your look is too avant-garde for them, and they just don't understand.

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"This is part clothes and part performance art. And if you'd watched the Paris Fashion Week Live Stream, you wouldn't be asking questions."

10. You sometimes look at your S.O. and wonder how their “ensemble” looks in their head.

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You may have opinions on their style choices, but you’re trying to keep an open mind.

11. They don't understand how you can obsess over the smallest parts of your look.

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"The way I trim my beard line is absolutely key to my face shape. You should not question this."

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