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14 Guys Share When They Knew They Were Basically An Adult

Turning a certain age? Paying bills? Being "adult" is a nebulous thing. Fast track your way to adulthood with Braun and their wide range of state-of-the-art grooming tools so you can master the art of shaving and styling with ease.

1. "I finally got off the family car insurance plan and on to my own."

2. "Moving my stuff into the college dorms my freshman year."

3. “I felt like ‘a man’ when I shaved at school.”

4. "I started washing the dishes in the sink."

5. "I hung my curtains by myself."

6. "When I rented a car for the first time I felt insanely adult."

7. "I carried a mattress from a furniture store deep in Brooklyn all the way to my apartment in Queens."

8. "When I started buying clothes differently."

9. "I found myself hopping between three different grocery stores in my area to compare their brussels sprout prices."

10. "When I quit my job and took an impromptu road trip to Nashville because of a break-up."

11. "When I got a tax guy I definitely felt like an adult."

12. "I installed a sliding trash can under my sink."

13. "When I moved to NYC at age 18."

14. "I felt like a man when I went out at 1:30 a.m. on Saturday night to buy my girlfriend some pads."

Whatever your way to adulting, Braun knows there are many ways to get there:

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