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14 Guys Share When They Knew They Were Basically An Adult

Turning a certain age? Paying bills? Being "adult" is a nebulous thing. Fast track your way to adulthood with Braun and their wide range of state-of-the-art grooming tools so you can master the art of shaving and styling with ease.

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1. "I finally got off the family car insurance plan and on to my own."


"I was paying my mom my portion of the insurance since we got a group discount. Getting my own plan meant finally cutting the cord. Around the same time, I did the same with my cell phone, which actually ended up being cheaper somehow."

—Ben C.

2. "Moving my stuff into the college dorms my freshman year."

Warner Bros. Television / Via

"It was ridiculously hot (because August in Florida), and I remember all the other freshmen's parents were doing all the work.

"The students were just sort of strolling around and taking it easy, and there I was sweating my ass off, wearing a bandana, and assembling a fan and my computer and being like, 'I'm an adult. These kids won't survive in the swamp.'"

—Kirk D.

3. “I felt like ‘a man’ when I shaved at school.”

Mirco Carigi / Getty Images / Via

“I was in marching band in high school. We had a strict performance dress code. My senior year, my band director caught sight of me before a pep rally and told me my stubble was overgrown. Being clean-shaven was part of the dress code. I usually shaved every morning, but this time I'd been lazy and forgotten. The younger band guys overheard this. They followed me to the bathroom to watch me shave my stubble (I grew facial hair early; there was plenty to shave). I'll never forget the way they looked at me, asking questions about the whole experience, like 'does shaving hurt?' Basically they thought I was Rambo. This was the first time I realized I had a man’s body, and they were still boys. TBH it was a weird moment.”

—James L.

4. "I started washing the dishes in the sink."

Adam Angelides / Getty Images / Via

"When we ran out of clean dishware to eat on — regardless of whether or not they were mine. Often while listening to some boring podcast (that I now actually like)."

—Alex W.

5. "I hung my curtains by myself."

Globalstock / Getty Images / Via

"It was a small victory, but it made me grateful for the lessons my pops taught me and the countless hours I spent in tech shop during my theater days."

—Clark M.

6. "When I rented a car for the first time I felt insanely adult."

Arkady Lifshits / CC0 1.0 / Via

"Part of me was like, 'Don't give me a car! You don't know me! I'm an idiot!' But then I realized I'd been operating a vehicle for nearly 10 years, so honestly the rental company should be paying ME to drive this thing."

—Tim U.

7. "I carried a mattress from a furniture store deep in Brooklyn all the way to my apartment in Queens."

Matthias Ritzmann / Getty Images / Via

"It was the first real purchase with my internship money, and I didn't want to spend extra on delivery. Yes, you can bring a small mattress on the subway. No, I would not recommend it."

—Jason S.

8. "When I started buying clothes differently."

Clark Street Mercantile / CC0 1.0 / Via

"Young me would just go to a thrift store and find a funny T-shirt or an old ill-fitting coat and be happy with that. Then I started shopping like an adult. I looked for clothes that fit correctly, I started judging fabric quality, stitching, etc. I was looking for quality clothes, not just the quirkiest, cheapest stuff I could find."

—Justin T.

10. "When I quit my job and took an impromptu road trip to Nashville because of a break-up."

Nina Dietzel / Getty Images / Via

"Emotionally I felt like an adult when my girlfriend dumped me, so I quit my job and took an impromptu road trip to Nashville. These may appear like signs of immaturity, but the fact that I could make multiple poor and expensive decisions in a row — and no one could stop me — proved to me that I was an adult. If you haven't experienced a similar 'throw caution to the wind' moment, I would recommend it. No one can stop you from doing anything, it turns out. They can prosecute you after the fact, however."

—David T.

11. "When I got a tax guy I definitely felt like an adult."

Taduuda / CC0 1.0 / Via

"I went from 'I'm a dumb kid who downloads a free tax program and rummages through a pile of paper not knowing what I'm doing' to 'I'm an adult who keeps a file at home for my taxes, then I take that file to another adult in a suit who does my paperwork for me.' ADULTS DON'T DO THEIR OWN BORING PAPERWORK."

—Anthony J.

12. "I installed a sliding trash can under my sink."

Westend61 / Getty Images / Via

"This involved meticulously measuring the narrow cabinet opening in my apartment kitchenette. Even now, months later, I still show off my handiwork to guests (and feel a minor sense of satisfaction after discreetly throwing things away)."

—Tyler S.

13. "When I moved to NYC at age 18."

Anthony DELANOIX / CC0 1.0 / Via

"The closest thing to a 'leap of faith' I've experienced was leaving my family to fly to NYC for college without knowing anyone there. It was scary but ultimately the best decision I've ever made; it forced me to break out of my shell. At that point, I didn't really have a choice but to be an adult."

—Daniel T.

Whatever your way to adulting, Braun knows there are many ways to get there:

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