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13 Awkward Rites Of Passage Most Guys Will Recognize

Nobody said growing up was easy... Fast track your way to adulthood with Braun and their wide range of state-of-the-art grooming tools so you can master the art of shaving and styling with ease.

1. Attempting all of the sports.

2. Or getting really into martial arts.

3. Trying to skateboard...

4. ...and going through a parkour phase.

5. Never leaving your room.

6. Aggressively falling for someone.

7. Trying your hand at poetry. (Sure, poetry.)

8. Attempting some kind of facial hair.

9. Trying to learn the acoustic guitar.

10. Playing video games like it was a full time job.

11. Vlogging all of the vlogs.

12. Trying to start an app.

13. And finally: experimenting with your style.

Whatever the stage, Braun is ready when you are.

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