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    8 E-Commerce Entrepreneurs Share Their Formula Of Success

    Before you step your foot through the doors of the digital world, it would be wise to study the patterns of people’s success and failure.

    Before you step your foot through the doors of the digital world, it would be wise to study the patterns of people’s success and failure. Even if you have already stepped in, you must work to discover success strategies herein. Being an online entrepreneur comes with a burden of responsibilities. Every aspect of your thinking, dealing, and application requires effectiveness.

    Needless to say, there must be some underlying secrets to ensure the upward trajectory of your virtual venture. The famous names in the industry are proof that making it big is possible. Indeed, the unfavorable outcomes and obstacles are a part of the game. But the way you streamline your tasks, monitor your progress, and improvise accordingly can bring a great difference to your business reputation.

    For starters, a smart entrepreneur is ever ready to change and flip their work methods. They learn from others treading down the same track and adapt instantly. Let's have a quick look at success formulas followed by eight successful ecommerce entrepreneurs:

    Christina Szekeres

    Coming from a Hungarian background, Szekers is a famous entrepreneur with thirteen years of experience in outsmarting digital algorithms and performance marketing. Besides being the founder of IMQueen brand, she offers consultancy services to new entrants in the virtual landscape.

    She believes that persistence and strong willpower can bring ideas to life. Like many others, she faced a dark phase where she trusted the wrong person. However, her passion for progress helped her out of the woods.

    Alex Lee Mong Yang

    Being a marketing director of 3K Positive Energy, it is his passion that singles Lee out of the entrepreneurial lot. He is highly motivated to impact the world positively. Also, he is a prodigy when it comes to online marketing.

    When asked about his secret success formula, he said one must always question the basic idea. Figure out the reason why you are doing something and for whom are you doing it. In the meantime, plan a solid digital marketing campaign to uplift your venture.

    Curtis Nalley

    Curtis is the founder and CEO of Lending America LLC. With headquarters in Utah, his business has helped over 250,000 businesses to secure capital for their startup.

    He recommends all other entrepreneurs out there to work hard. If you keep treading despite the odds, you will eventually come out successful. Plus, one must also strive to stay in their subject loop. This means they should follow the ongoing trends and adapt when the need be.

    Dee Deng

    Dee Deng is the Head of Growth at the Right Hook Digital. Apart from this, he also travels around the globe to teach entrepreneurs how to make good money from Facebook and Insta Ads.

    He has a strong belief in the fact that a person always learns a good lesson from their failure. The collapse of his first business allowed him to have better insight into sales and growth marketing. He recommends passionate ecommerce entrepreneurs to figure out creative ways to upscale their social media presence. Facebook and Insta ads are their best shot at exponential growth.

    Jason Portnoy

    Jason Portnoy is one of the popular names in the world of online marketing. Based in Canada, Portnoy is the CEO and founder of JPORT Media.

    Upon inquiring about his secret formula of success, he reveals that he believes in all-time learning. Instead of wasting time in leisure, he grabs every opportunity to absorb useful content. Later, he analyzes and applies the viable ones in his profession.

    Tan Bros

    Steve and Evan Tan are famous as Super Tan Brothers in the business circles. They are the brains behind several events and mastermind programs. They specialize in creating systems that help businesses reach new heights. Currently, the brothers are some of the top earners in their industry. One of their stores even earned $360,000 in a single day!

    Their ventures have had their fair share of ups and downs. During their training sessions, they teach learners about testing their products. Also, they believe that strong marketing can be a true game-changer for businesses. Hence, the business must spot the digital route that brings in the greatest conversions.

    Jordan Menard

    Jordan Menard is the master of strategic marketing and creative bidding. His interviews shed light on his understanding of the digital landscape. He recommends striving ecommerce entrepreneurs to work out their digital game as a combined unit. This means that they must combine different social platforms with Facebook Ads to upscale their venture.

    Parting Thoughts

    Once you enter into the world of e-commerce entrepreneurship, you must stick by the rule of evolving forever. This environment is highly variable, and there is no chance of you to make it work unless you are flexible beyond measure.