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Can Anyone Please Help Me?

like my last post, everything will be honest because to me, telling the truth is way better then lying. i NEVER EVER, not in a million years will or would lie to you guys because that's the person i grew up to be. i was raised by FABULOUS PARENTS and i swear to you guys that i will keep telling the truth because i have respect for you guys on this site... i SERIOUSLY need somebody or people's help on something and honestly i did receive a wish from Make-A-Wish but that was long ago and i really could use one's help that's a reliable person who won't ignore me, push me away, and/or reject me... yes i did e-mail Ellen Degeneres, even wrote to her but she didn't even give the time of day. Oprah Winfrey, Dr. Phil, etc didn't either. to be 100% truthful to you guys i do feel VERY HURT. it's like i have had be stabbed multiple times in the heart. to not waste you guys' time, let me show a video with you all and i will send you guys a link to my video. it was meant for Ellen Degeneres but she didn't give me anything. could you guys watch my video please. it would mean the world to me if you guys watched my video and helped me.... THANK-YOU ALL :) :) :)

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In the hospital after having a kidney transplant

Brandon Clement / Via on my computer

i had a kidney transplant in the month of February on the 12th of 2008. the one who donated one of his kidneys to me is my uncle, Godfather, and also a priest, Rev. Father Thomas Clement. my family and i call him Tom... behind me, making the bunny ears is my TERRIFIC and FUNNY, dad, Don Clement.

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