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This Mom Absolutely Dragged Her Son When He Said He Wasn't Going To Vote

"No, there’s no ‘no vote’ option ... You are so stupid! You have to carry out your civic duties of being American!"

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On Saturday, Kenny tweeted a video of him telling his mother that he doesn't plan on voting in the upcoming US election.


"Im not voting for Trump, I’m not voting for Hillary," Kenny could be heard telling his mom, just as she started absolutely flipping out at him

Kenny's mom asked him to take a photo of his vote: "I have to see who you voted for," she said. "If you didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton, no for real I’m serious … there’s gonna be a little problem in this house."

"I'll seize your phone I'll seize the car," she said as Kenny laughed. "No I am serious, Ok?"

Kenny told BuzzFeed News his mom is "a huge supporter of Clinton" but really just wanted to make sure her son was participating in the democratic process.

"I was going to vote. However, I wanted to see my mom's reaction if I told her I wasn't going to," he said.

And it becomes pretty clear that's how ChiChi feels when she tells Kenny it is his "civic duty of being American" to vote.

"No, there’s no ‘no vote’ option," she said. "You are so stupid! You have to carry out your civic duties of being American. OK?"

"Don’t act like a moron. This is the kind of thing you do, and people say you're on drugs, you’re a moron."

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