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People Are Getting Serious Anxiety Watching These Guys Balance Phones On Their Fingers Out Of A Car

This is mesmerisingly dumb and brilliant.

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Recently, the three students have been spiking the anxiety levels of people across the world after Jeremy tweeted a video compilation of them trying to balance things on their fingers outside of car windows. While the car was moving.

The boys told BuzzFeed News the game is called "doggin' it". (Let's not get into what that might mean in the UK or Australia.) Jeremy said the whole competition began with coins.

"One day while driving on the freeway, we began sticking coins to our fingers out the window and would have contests to see who could have the most coins and who could go for the longest," he told BuzzFeed News.


Soon enough, the contest turned towards more difficult objects. Like crackers.

And cheeseburgers.

It was the iPhone balancing that really set people off online, said Jeremy. "Many of the people who replied seemed to have a spike in anxiety when we hung the phone out the window."

While a few of the attempts were successful, one of them...was not. "The phone belonged to Kyle," said Jeremy. "I hyped up Kyle enough to put his phone out there and he went 'full send for the boys' (as stated by Kyle).

"Eventually, he got cocky and tried going for the Single-Finger-Suicide and experienced some Wild Wind Wobbles. Long story short, the phone was broken into three pieces when we went to pick it up."


So far, the boys' compilation has almost 50,000 retweets. "The response has overall been very positive, with the exception of accounts who called us out for littering," said Wiegman. "However, anything that we dropped out of the car was picked up, with the exception of the burger (for obvious reasons)."

Soon enough, people were replying to the video with clips of themselves trying out the contest. Turns out they weren't the only ones doing it.

@JeremyWiegman @eduardomercado0 @_Scoobean

@JeremyWiegman Been doin it for a min

@JeremyWiegman @samgarrcia 🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️


And people had serious anxiety watching the videos.

@JeremyWiegman anyone else's heart dropped whenever he almost dropped his phone? (before he actually did at the end lol)

@JeremyWiegman @aut_murph This shit gave me anxiety lmao

@JeremyWiegman When you have the power of God and anime on your side

For now, the boys have found something fun to do on the way to the beach. Also, Kyle got a new phone.

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